November 27, 2016

The little white wolf

I've had this girl home for over 2 weeks already, but just haven't had the energy to edit the photos and write this post >_>; And there are many other posts that I've been planning to make too, just been lacking the time and energy.

But here are the box opening pictures of my newest Pureneemo! I was in a hurry when I opened her in the morning before school and didn't have time to take photos of the leaflet (like I usually do with the Azone dolls that I receive), of course I forgot to do it later when I got back home...

She looks so adorable~ ♥

But this is what her hair looked like when I took her out of the box... o_o

If you look at the company photos, you can see how big difference there is XD My girl's hair looked much longer than it's supposed to be and the style is a complete mess... Obviously I wasn't gonna leave it like that >3< I like re-styling my dolls' hair, so this wasn't a big deal for me at all, but someone who is expecting to get a doll just like in the pictures might've been quite disappointed to receive their doll like this.

Here's what my girl looks like now! ♥ I only used scissors and hot water :3

Her name is Anzu

A close-up of her cute boots~

Sarg has the previously released (and original) version of Wolf Koron, so we naturally wanted to take some photos of these two wolves together and compare their outfits piece by piece :3 

The boots are the same style, just different colors~

There's a bit bigger difference between the underskirts as they've been made of different materials.

Both versions have these cute bags ;___; (The white one belongs to this blond-haired version)

Aaaand of course both wolves had their own cute wolf hoods with paws! ♥

Are you afraid of the big bad wolf? >w<

November 5, 2016

The second big Azone girl

I've had my second 50cm Azone girl at home for a while already and thought that I'd finally post the first photos of her here. She is Lilia - The Traditional Grimoire :3 When I saw the first photos of this girl, I just knew that I have to get her! Her fullset styling is just perfect, it looks like something that I could've designed hahah XD It's always fun how some of my doll friends say things like "it looks like your doll", apparently people have noticed what kind of dolls I usually like and end up getting? Lilia is also one of my favorites from the big Azone girls and I like how she looks more mature compared to my Maru.

I took a few box opening photos, but was in a bit of a hurry since I had to leave to school shortly after getting her out of the box XD

Her bangs were a bit too long when unstyled like this, but I took care of it a bit later! Unlike Maru who wears wigs, this girl has rooted hair (just like the smaller Pureneemos).

Hello~ ♥ I decided to name her Nami, which means wave in Japanese (or candy in Finnish, lol).

This bag is one of the prettiest doll accessories that I own! ♥ I'd love to have one in human size as well XD

Then, moving on to the photos last weekend's quick photoshoot :3 As you'll notice from these, I cut Nami's hair short and also cut her bangs. Since Maru has long brown hair, I thought that Nami would look too similar if she had long hair too. Aaaand I think this short look suits Nami really well~ ♥

Konsta, one of our Amuse sloth plushies, wanted to say hi as well :D