February 28, 2015

Devil Homura figma & foam roses ^.^

Like I mentioned in the end of my previous post, I picked up a few more things from the post office yesterday evening :)

One of them was my long-waited Devil Homura Figma! ♥ She was an exclusive release, available only through Aniplex's website, but I was able to order her with the help of shopping service :) I decided to pass on the scale figure, as lovely as it looked, and got this smaller Figma instead. I'm really happy with my decision, this figure is really pretty! (And takes a lot less space than the scale would've...) I just looove the design of this character ;3;

Now I got the urge to find myself Ultimate Madoka Figma too! She'd look awesome together with this Homura ;___;

The other package was a complete mystery to me, as the tracking didn't match anything that I'd ordered... But after looking inside the package I realized what it was! I had won Irene's giveaway for some lovely foam roses earlier and they had already arrived!! ♥ Irene had even included a lovely handwritten message, but I was stupid and didn't remember  to take a photo of it :(

There were soooo many roses, in different sizes and colors! I thought I'd get just a few, I really wasn't expecting this ;___; My Picconeemos Miu and Kokoro got really excited about them and wanted to take a photo as a thank you ♥

"Hey you person who sent these flowers! Thank you so much, they're really fun!!"

I've entered many giveaways, raffles and such, but this was the first time I actually won something... This made me really happy, thank you so much Irene for having this giveaway!! ^w^


Also sharing (with permission) some awesome photos that Sarg has taken of her Kusanagi Motoko Figma XD I'm happy that she got this figure, so that I didn't have to hahah

"LET ME OUT!!! I'm not a hamster >____<"


February 27, 2015

Picco Koron arrival + Taobao haul

My Picconeemo Koron finally arrived! ♥ Lately the shipping from Asia has been a lot slower than usually so I was getting worried for her >3<

Everything that we got from the Azone International package!

A cute Valentine's Day card as a gift ♥

Koronn ♥ At first I was planning to name her Rin, but now I think I've changed my mind and she'll be Kokoro :3 I really love this girl, she's even cuter in person than I imagined!

XS body for Mimi (Candy Cotton Miu) :3 I haven't had the time to change her to this body yet, but I'm sure she'll look super adorable~

Picconeemo shoes~ I've been hunting for those pink sneakers for a looong time, so I was really happy to find out that Azone had them in stock on their site :3

Some shirts for Sarg's girls ♥

And a dress for Sarg's Miyu XD

Then this adorable school desk and chair! ♥ We actually ordered (and paid for) two of these sets (one for me, one for Sarg), but they only sent one : < I'm still waiting for their reply on whether I'll get the item or a refund... The second desk would been really nice, so we could've taken more realistic school pictures together, but we'll see what they reply.

Have some more pictures of Kokoro! These ain't the most perfect quality, I just took some random fun shots XD

Kokoro: "Oh, hello giant doggie :3"
Tea: "Why does mommy buy these weird dolls.. I want more toys too."

Miu wanted to say welcome to the new friend ♥
Kokoro: "Um, hi.. ^^;"
Miu: "Hi, Kokoro!! Welcome home :3"

Kokoro: "??"
Miu: "Let's get this plastic thing off..."

Miu: "Better, right?"
Kokoro: "Yes, thank you ^w^ My head doesn't hurt anymore~"

Kokoro: "Hello everyone, nice to meet you~"


Sarg also picked up our Taobao order, I think this one spent like a month in the mail... But better later than never X'D I think our Azone girls were more impatient about this order than us, hahah

Here's the whole order~ A dress, stockings, shoes and bag for Azones and a pair of BJD shoes

Adorable new Azone shoes, our girls are so happy ; w ; The pink bunny shoes are for Shiori, white kitty shoes are for Nia and mint bunny shoes are for Sarg's Miyuki

Last but not least, these gorgeous pumps for Zinnia (Iplehouse SID Stella) ♥ Sarg already tested that these fit the SID feet, hurray~ So these will be Zin's wedding shoes x3 Now I just need to pull myself together and make her a lovely wedding dress~ There's no need to hurry actually, since we'd prefer to take the wedding photoshoot outside and the current snowy weather isn't quite ideal for that X'D Need to wait until summer.


I have some other packages that I need to pick up from the post office later this evening, one of them is a figure that I pre-order aaages ago~ Really excited 8D Another package is a complete mystery, I'm not sure what it is since the tracking number doesn't match anything I've ordered... But I guess I'm going to find out soon!

February 25, 2015

Ruffles and laces, candy sweet faces

I wanted to share some photos that me and Sarg took almost a month ago X'D I've been meaning to make a post about these way before, but just kept forgetting again and again... *scatterbrain*

I realized that I hadn't taken photos of my Clozel, Ruri, at all during 2014, though I had even made this new skirt for her and re-decorated the shirt many months ago, sniff ;___; Had to do something about it, so we decided to show some love to our Soom girlies~ I feel really happy to own Ruri and love her dearly, even though she hasn't gotten that much attention lately!

Full-body shot to show her outfit c: Headbow, shirt, skirt and socks all made by me

Ruri with Unia, her blind sheep friend ; . ;

Our lovely girls~ ♥ (Ruri is mine, others belong to Sarg)
Top: Ophelia (Soom Heliot female), Ruri (Soom Clozel)
Bottom: Unia (Soom Alex), Mystique (Soom Dia)

February 21, 2015

Sewing update: Azone skirts~

I made some lolita-ish skirts for Sarg's Azone girls and she took these adorable photos of her girls modeling the skirts :3 These were so simple and fast to make, yet look dressy and cute~ Must make some for my own girls as well ♥

February 20, 2015

Wolf & Raven

I have some BJD photos from last Sunday :3

Sarg had her grey Soom Hyperon, Diaval with her on her visit, so we wanted to take photos of him with my Gwynithia (Soom Cuprit)~ These two are not actually a couple in our story, Gwyn is partnered with Sarg's Morgan, a white Hyperon hahah XD They're both wolves, Morgan being the alfa male of the pack ♥ Diaval is a raven and had a brief affair with Gwyn when they were younger, before Gwyn even met Morgan... Diaval was also the one that was there for Gwyn when she needed a shoulder, but in the end let her down by disappearing without saying a word ;__; Then after many years Diaval came back to find out that Gwyn had moved on and was happy with another man... I wonder if they can be "just friends" or do they still have feelings for each other ;3

At first we were hoping to do an outdoor shoot, but it turned out not to work so well.. It was really bright for once and Gwyn's new pretty winter coat was barely visible with all the white snow on the background :( We decided to just go inside to try again with a backdrop... Much better!

Some single shots of Gwyn :3
I made a simple braid for her~ This is definitely one of my favorite doll wigs ever, I adore this color and the length makes this just perfect for all kinds of hair-dos ♥ Though it also requires a lot of care and combing, so it doesn't get tangled XD

And last, some shots of Diaval ♥ (taken by Sarg)

I'm obsessed with this guy, isn't he just gorgeous ♥♥♥ Hyperon is one of my favorite male BJD sculpts ever, but I'm not good with creating male characters myself so I'm really happy that Sarg is so obsessed with Hyperons! That way I can keep admiring them at close distance without having to own them myself x3

I have the whole weekend off from work, so hopefully I'll at least get some sewing work done :)

Have a great weekend everyone! ♥

February 18, 2015


I was planning to make this post yesterday, but didn't have enough time to edit the photos in the evening >.< I had to go to sleep early as I had an early morning shift at work today, woke up at 5.30am lool XD

But yeah, Sarg was visiting for a few days and we had so much fun doing dolly crafts and taking some photos! ♥ I had to go to work on Monday and Tuesday, but when I came back home Sarg had put everything ready for little café-themed photoshoots with Azones~ ;3; Such a cute surprise.

First, here are two photos of Molly and Maisy cleaning up the café before opening time XD

Molly: "HEY, you missed a spot!!"
Maisy: ">/////< Oh no... I must be more careful..."

After the café was opened, Harumi and Alisa welcomed their first customers, Mimori and Nanami ^^

Haru: "Have some cream puffs, my treat~ ^w^"
Mimi: "Yaaay thank you!! These look so yummy c:"
Nana: "Oh, I'd love to get one too~ :3"

A close-up of Harumi ; //// ; This girl is so adorable that I want to steal her...

Later Shiori and Miyuki had an emergency meeting.. Miyuki had received some rude comments about her appearance and was feeling really sad :( Shiori wanted to encourage her dear friend!
Shiori: "Don't worry Miyu-chan, you can ignore such nasty comments!! You look adorable >3<"
Miyuki: "*sigh* I guess... My pigtails are still shaking ;___;"


On Monday we also took a group picture of our Azone family ♥ This is eeeeveryone we currently have, just missing my Picco Koron who hasn't arrived yet!

You might spot one or two new faces in the photo... I did mention Bambi-chan Raili alias Haru-chan here and also shared a quick picture after her arrival a few posts back, BUT there is also a second new addition that I haven't talked about yet ^^; That's Nanami, Himitsu no Hanazono Nina ! Not mine though, she's Sarg's XD We already tried to get this version of Nina from Mandarake earlier, but she wasn't available anymore... But only a few days later a new one was added to the site and we were fast enough to get her! She was cheaper than the first one too, hahah XD

Some pics that Sarg took for me:

Nanami posing with Miyuki ; w ; ♥ They're both such darlings~

Hope you liked these photos ♥ It seems like I've been posting a lot about Azones recently.. ^^; I've been doing BJD things too, but mostly just sewing so I haven't had anything special to post about. I do have some photos that I might share later, though :)

February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day~!

Took this quick photo of Alisa to make a Valentine's Day card of it ^^ I was actually hoping to make a proper photoshoot or maybe a mini photo story, but unfortunately I had work and didn't have much natural light when I got home, so I ended up just playing with some light decorations to get at least one decent photo... But I'm quite happy with this still~

I hope you all had a great day, whether you celebrated Valentine's Day or not!