February 18, 2015


I was planning to make this post yesterday, but didn't have enough time to edit the photos in the evening >.< I had to go to sleep early as I had an early morning shift at work today, woke up at 5.30am lool XD

But yeah, Sarg was visiting for a few days and we had so much fun doing dolly crafts and taking some photos! ♥ I had to go to work on Monday and Tuesday, but when I came back home Sarg had put everything ready for little café-themed photoshoots with Azones~ ;3; Such a cute surprise.

First, here are two photos of Molly and Maisy cleaning up the café before opening time XD

Molly: "HEY, you missed a spot!!"
Maisy: ">/////< Oh no... I must be more careful..."

After the café was opened, Harumi and Alisa welcomed their first customers, Mimori and Nanami ^^

Haru: "Have some cream puffs, my treat~ ^w^"
Mimi: "Yaaay thank you!! These look so yummy c:"
Nana: "Oh, I'd love to get one too~ :3"

A close-up of Harumi ; //// ; This girl is so adorable that I want to steal her...

Later Shiori and Miyuki had an emergency meeting.. Miyuki had received some rude comments about her appearance and was feeling really sad :( Shiori wanted to encourage her dear friend!
Shiori: "Don't worry Miyu-chan, you can ignore such nasty comments!! You look adorable >3<"
Miyuki: "*sigh* I guess... My pigtails are still shaking ;___;"


On Monday we also took a group picture of our Azone family ♥ This is eeeeveryone we currently have, just missing my Picco Koron who hasn't arrived yet!

You might spot one or two new faces in the photo... I did mention Bambi-chan Raili alias Haru-chan here and also shared a quick picture after her arrival a few posts back, BUT there is also a second new addition that I haven't talked about yet ^^; That's Nanami, Himitsu no Hanazono Nina ! Not mine though, she's Sarg's XD We already tried to get this version of Nina from Mandarake earlier, but she wasn't available anymore... But only a few days later a new one was added to the site and we were fast enough to get her! She was cheaper than the first one too, hahah XD

Some pics that Sarg took for me:

Nanami posing with Miyuki ; w ; ♥ They're both such darlings~

Hope you liked these photos ♥ It seems like I've been posting a lot about Azones recently.. ^^; I've been doing BJD things too, but mostly just sewing so I haven't had anything special to post about. I do have some photos that I might share later, though :)


  1. These photos are too cute XD I love them!

  2. Aah, that group picture is perfect! <3 Cute~! <3 <3

  3. Haluan varastaa Harumin o_o..

    1. Mie oon varastajalistalla ekana! XD Voit varastaa sitten kun mie oon ensin varastanu ton Sargilta hahah

      Ois hauska pitää joku pieni Neemo/BJD-miitti, pääsisi näkemään livenä sinunkin ihanuuksia! >:3

  4. All their dresses are so lovely. x3 lovely themed shoot!

    1. Thanks so much x3 It was so much fun and doing cute stuff like this always makes happy~

  5. Oh I loved seeing everyone together in that group shot. You both have an amazing collection of Azones.

    Congrats to Sarg on the new arrival.

    Love the little photo story. I kind of feel like cream puffs now. Harumi is so adorable.

    1. Awww thank you so much <3 These little ones are definitely so addictive in all their cuteness... Thanks from Sarg as well!

      The negative side of these cute photos is that they always make you crave for some sweets X''D I'd love to have some eatable cute Re-ments in human size hahah

  6. Awwww! ♥ Molly and Maisy are so cute! ^^
    Love the group picture! ^^♥