May 21, 2017

BJD crew changes & updates

Hey guys, it's been quite a while! ...Again. Unfortunately I haven't had much inspiration nor energy for the blog lately, mainly due to all the stress from school stuff :/ But now that I'm almost done with my practical exams and the summer break is just 2 weeks away, I'll hopefully manage to be more active here XD

There are some changes happening in my BJD crew right now, so I thought I could write a post about that.


First of all, I decided to sell a few BJDs. Some of these are actually very dear to me, but I just haven't been inspired to do anything with them for years, so I thought that it's finally the time to just let go and find new homes for them ;___; I don't want to have any dolls in my crew just for the sake of them being pretty, I also need to feel inspired by them.

Deri (Soom Sweet Witch) --- Ruri (Soom Clozel) --- Lili (Luts Tiny Delf Gretel elf)

Roselle (Pipos Ringo) --- Lysithea (Soom Nyer) --- Sienna (Soom Nelen)

  Marissa (Soom Minette) --- Sindra (Souldoll Junia)

I'm planning to re-shell Marissa as one of Miyadoll's sculpts at some point and I know that I'm gonna miss Deri and Ruri for sure, so I might get them back if I ever find new sculpts for them (Souldoll?). For the others I don't have any "comeback" plans so far. For now they'll just exist as characters in our RP story :3


There's also a new arrival that I haven't posted about on my blog yet. I received Ryx, my Soom ID75 York around 6 weeks ago, but he arrived with a head that didn't match the rest of the doll at all >.< I was so disappointed that I didn't want to post the box opening pictures anywhere. I had to send the head and a hand (for color matching) back to Soom and wait for them to send me another head, which I finally received this week.

I still don't think that the match is 100% perfect, but it's not really noticeable anymore. Now I'm happy with Ryx and hoping to show him with a faceup soon~ ♥ He only has boxers and shoes so far, so I need to make some clothes for him as well XD I could've worked on something while I was waiting for the new head, but the disappointing situation didn't really inspire me to do anything for him... Now that everything's okay, I can finally feel myself getting inspired by this guy!

I got my Frappzilla wig order a little before the replacement head arrived and it was great to see that this wig fits him perfectly! ♥ I had been a bit worried about the fit, since ID guys have quite huge heads XD I loooove this wig~ ♥ I think I'll add some extensions to the back though, just to make it a little bit longer and even better looking.