October 26, 2015

Lights will guide you home

I thought that I'd edit some older photos before I completely forget them... ^^; I came up with the title after hearing Coldplay's song Fix You, while I was randomly listening to music and editing these pictures. I find music very inspirational - sometimes lyrics and/or melody give me inspiration and ideas for photography and sometimes I come across songs that create meanings to photos that I took just randomly. This time just this one line "lights will guide you home" hit me and I had to use it as a title for this post~

Anyway, here a few test photos of Sayuri (Swan Lake Raili) from a while ago :3

October 24, 2015

Kikipop posing & size comparison

I already mentioned to a few people that me and Sarg were thinking of doing a post about Kikipop's posability, as well as taking a comparison photo of her with some other dolls we have. Sarg undressed Popo for trying out some clothes on her, so we figured that it'd be a perfect moment to take the posing and comparison photos as well :)

Popo-chan hopes that you enjoy the photos and find them useful!


Starting off with some basic standing :) Here you can see how the body looks and where her joints are located. She's not an actual BJD, as she's not strung with elastic (to name one thing), even though the jointing can look similar to BJDs from photos. The body is very sturdy and the joints are quite tight, allowing a variety of poses that require good balance.

If you want to raise her arms higher than her shoulders, you need to turn the joints of the upper arm around. There was a little warning note with the doll that you shouldn't try to forcefully lift the arms higher if they're not turned the right way.

Popo clearly wants more clothes and cute things... Hard to resist such cute begging ^^;

This is easy to do as well, though she only seems to be able to stand on her right leg D: Her left foot's big toe is pointing up a little bit and it makes her balancing on that leg pretty much impossible... But standing on the right leg = not a problem. 

In this photo you can maybe see that pointing big toe (left foot) better :D

She can't crouch lower than this without loosing her balance

But doing some dance moves seems to come naturally from this girl :'D

In her arrival post, I mentioned that she can't sit, but after we took off her clothes we managed to get her sit in some way. Her thigh joints are veeery tight and it's more difficult to move them if she's wearing pants ^^; Here Popo is sitting on a chair, she leans back quite a bit and the pose looks a little stiff.

Sitting with her legs straight she needs to lean back even more ^^; Since the head is empty inside and the material is lighter than the rest of the doll, she can move her head without loosing her balance all the time. In this pose she doesn't fall on her back even though it looks like that might happen.

Crawling like a baby? Not a problem :'D

Even I find this pose hard to do, but Popo seems to be quite flexible XD

Some stretching~ This pose was a bit challenging to do, but the left big toe that made one pose impossible, helped with this one :D

You can take off her hands, but the other parts seem to be stuck on the doll and can't be changed. We're a bit unsure about the feet and head though, but they're so tight that we don't want to risk the doll breaking ^^; The attaching system on the hands is quite similar to the one that Lil Fairies have :)

She can touch her face with no problem!

Lastly, let me show you a comparison of Kikipop with some other dolls:

From left to right:
Fairyland Littlefee - Kikipop - Pureneemo S - Picconeemo S

As you can see, Kikipop is quite different from any other dolls we have :) Some wider yo-SD shoes can fit Kikipop dolls, we tried on some random shoes from Alice's Collections and at least those seemed to fit. Clothing can be a bit more tricky, as you can see there's some difference in the torsos and Kikipop also has a bit shorter legs, yet the lower legs and ankles are thicker compared to Littlefee. I'll be sure to post some more info and pics if/when we find some clothing that fits Popo :)

If you have any questions regarding the posing, size or anything else you're wondering about Kikipop dolls, don't be afraid to ask~

October 21, 2015

Clothing order from Rrabit

We recently ordered some cute clothes from Rrabit :) They sell gorgeous clothing, as well as accessories, shoes and wigs. I've ordered from them a few times in the past and everything has always been awesome quality. The prices are still quite cheap in my opinion, so I definitely recommend checking out this shop if you're looking for cute clothing with affordable prices~

The site can be a bit challenging to navigate since clothes can be found from many categories, there is a category for Rrabit's own clothes and separate categories for the clothes from other "brands", like Miska - Afternoon Tea. I recommend browsing through all them to make sure that you won't miss anything :)

A bit more info about our order for reference: we placed the order on October 12th and got a shipping notice on the very next day! The package arrived super fast - it only took one week, even though we chose the Registered Airmail instead of EMS :) The box had gotten a bit of damage during its journey, but all the items were still in perfect shape. Each of the items was packed in a separate plastic bag with a cute "card". We we in a hurry to get the dolls dressed, so this time we skipped taking any pictures of the box and other packaging ^^;

Here's what I got:

White lace pants in 1/3 size
I couldn't find a link to these anymore, so I'm guessing that they're sold out now and the link was removed... Anyway, I got these mainly for Susu, but a few other girls can wear them as well (at least if Susu lets them, lol...) The size is a perfect fit for DDS body, I haven't tried the pants on my other girls yet so I'm hoping that these fit them as well. I'm a bit sad that the pink version of these was sold out when we ordered, I would've loved to get that color too!

I finally decided to order this after months of hesitation and I'm glad that I did, since it seems to be sold out now... The color is perfect for Jade's pastel goth look and I love how you can take off the hood and sleeves and use it also as a vest, like in this picture :3 This'll be the perfect autumn look and during the winter Jade can wear this as a jacket with the sleeves!

Light pink chiffon lotus shirt in 1/3 size
If there's something in pink available, I must have it ^^;; I fell in love with this blouse at first sight and it also fits Susu perfectly~ The color is just the perfect shade of pink too ;3; My girls are going to be fighting over this shirt, I'm sure...

I also got the chiffon lotus shirt in white (1/3 size) and Sarg got it in creamy color. We haven't tried these on a doll yet, but since the fabric is a bit see-through I think the white one might need something underneath.

Besides the creamy shirt, Sarg also got a few other things:

Blueberry straw ribbon hat in 1/3 size
This was a lot larger than expected, but it still looks pretty nice. Sarg's Umbra seems to like it x3 There were many of these hats available with different ribbon and flower colors. I would've loved to get one for Susumi as well, but I remembered that I had already ordered one for her from Taobao :'D

The size fits the new Super Gem body perfectly and Sarg was really happy with the color as well. Many blue shirts (and other pieces of clothing) tend to be very bright, which can look childish, but Umbra needs clothes in this specific grey-ish shade. It was a pleasure to see that the color in person looks the same as in the sales pictures.

Sarg got the same color shirt in 1/4 size as well. 
This size is perfect for Nova (Withdoll boy) and the color works perfectly as well. We haven't tried this on a girl MSD yet, but it feels like it might be a better fit for a boy. At least for a slim mini girl it might be a bit too big, unless you modded it.

Brown boy down jumper in 1/3 size
Sarg actually got this for Renate (Iplehouse EID Raffine), but since the doll is not home yet, Ronya got to model for us :D The boy size seems to fit EID women well.

We're already thinking about making another order to Rrabit, since there are still some shirts and stuff that we'd love to get :'D There's no telling how long they'll stay in stock, so we need to act fast!

October 20, 2015

Popo joins the family~

Sarg's Kikipop doll arrived at last today and I wanted to share some pictures, since she's such a cutie~ I've heard that many people have been surprised by the size and we were too, she's larger than expected and quite heavy as well :D I think that her size is adorable though and she's a completely different kind of addition to our doll family! As you might've guessed from the title already, her name is Popo :D

There was some discussion on Facebook that some of the dolls had arrived with flaws (like some bubbles on skin, uneven color, dirty marks, scratches, chipped chin blushing, etc.) and reading about that got Sarg quite anxious, but luckily Popo seems to be in perfect condition overall. 

It's a bit of a shame that she's not able to sit so well, but it doesn't bother us that much. The quality seems great and all, so we feel like other things make up for the "flaws" in the posability :)

Susumi is happy that she's getting a new friend~

In her box, look how cute designs it has on it!

Backside of the box looks cute as well :3

Yaaay she's out~ ♥ As you can see, her head is almost SD sized even though her body is about yo-SD sized ^^;

She came with a stand that has cute mushroom patterns on it XD

Some extra stuff! Wish that she had more option hand parts than just these :/

Like Pureneemos, this Kikipop doll came with a cute leaflet as well :)

How to take care of your Kikipop ♥

Popo wanted to put on her shoes~ And looks like Yui came to say hi to the new girl XD

Popo needed some help with her shoelaces ;3;

She seems like quite an energetic little one, can't stay still for a long time... ^^;

A detail photo of her shirt ♥

Ta-dah, Popo with another wig! (which she shamelessly stole from one of my dolls XD)

The default wig had been glued in, but the glue was easy to remove, it pretty much just peeled off after some rubbing. Sarg might want to try out some other eyes for Popo as well, but they need to be very flat to fit perfectly so she needs to look for some information on what would fit before ordering anything :)

In the same package from Amiami Sarg also received a new Snake figure... Popo didn't like it X'D

If Azone brings more Kikipop dolls for sale with different faces, we might go for another one, but for now Popo is enough for us :3 Even though I do find the newer releases with long blonde and brown hair quite tempting...