September 22, 2017

Guilty eyes, guilty kiss

I have some photos to share from this little photoshoot of Renate and Zinnia! Something happened between them in our RP story, so we were inspired to take some fluffy pictures... All of this better remain as a secret though, since both are actually taken and their significant others would not be happy to find out about this little moment =_=

If you follow Sarg on Instagram, you might've seen shots of this photoshoot already a few weeks ago when the photos were actually taken - I'm just super slow and didn't manage to edit all the photos (and finish the blog post) until now ;___; Time just flies, it feels like it has only been a week...

Renate (Iplehouse EID Raffine) is Sarg's doll, Zinnia (Iplehouse SID Stella) is mine :3


September 1, 2017

Summer memories

The Finnish summer is pretty much gone and we're moving towards autumn, so I thought this would be a good moment to look back and reminisce the summer days ^^ I have been very inactive with photographing during the summer, which is quite sad since I had so many ideas and plans on my mind... But there's always next year! :D

Anyway, let me share some photos that I took in mid July when I was at my parents' summer cottage!


Just one photo of Kaori :<

Funny fact: those white bokeh things are actually two swans that were flying over the lake X'D Their reflections show up as bokeh on the water too, lol.

I forgot to take extra clothes for Momo (besides the beach flip flops), so that's why she's still in her default gear in these photos ^^; I would've wanted her to wear something else, but oh well, she still looks cute :D

Am I the only one that gets a "goodbye summer" vibe from this photo? ;___;

As an extra photo from the cottage...

...have some camera-shy ducks :'D They were swimming towards our dock, but turned away when they saw me with the camera XDD


I also have some swan photos from Helsinki! Me and Sarg were just randomly walking when we came across a swarm of Canada Geese AND an adorable swan couple with four little cygnets ;___; ♥♥ Luckily I had the camera with me, so I managed to get some quick photos. I'd never been so close to a swan before, they're such majestic creatures!

One of the geese decided to photobomb when I tried to get closer, thanks a lot... =_=


Hope you all had a lovely summer! ♥