August 14, 2016

With the easiest of grace

A few months ago Kasumi got a pretty yukata from my Taobao order~ It's from Infinite Love, my absolute favorite store when it comes to doll kimonos ♥ When I saw this particular yukata on their web store, I knew right away that it'd be the perfect one for Kasumi~ It has many cute elements and details in it, but looks still very mature :)

These photos were taken in the end of last month, but I only finished editing them a couple of days ago... Gosh, I've become so slow and lazy with the photos XD I'm quite happy with how this photoshoot turned out, Kasumi has definitely become one of my muses when it comes to doll photography~ Whatever I do, the camera just seems to love her >w<

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this set~ ♥

A close-up of the beautiful little pouch that came with the yukata ♥

Thanks for looking, and wish you guys have a great start for the new week! ^w^

August 12, 2016

Rose Quartz Sahra double arrival

I'm a bit late with posting these two box openings/arrivals, since these dolls have been at home for around two weeks already ^^; I originally fell in love with the pink hair of the DS version, but liked the outfit of the standard version more... Thus I ended up pre-ordering both >.<;

First up is the DS version~

This page actually shows the standard version's outfit piece by piece, but basically the DS versions has the same outfit with just different colors. I wonder if I got a wrong leaflet with this doll, or if Azone really made just this one leaflet for both dolls?

As you can see, Sahra actually came with an extra pair of hands. It was a nice surprise, since these Twinkle a la Mode girls are in white skin and I don't have that many extra hands in that skin color (most of my Pureneemo girls being normal skin).

Out of the box and trying some posing :D

The cute shoes~

I knew pretty much from the beginning that I want my girl to have shorter hair, so I cut it a bit... This is what it looks like at the moment. I might cut it a little more, though I like this length too :3 It's something a bit different from my other Neemos.

Next up is the standard version. I originally pre-ordered her just to get the outfit, but after getting her home and taking a better look at her, I decided that she could stay ^^; I even came up with a name for her by accident and how she would relate to the other Sahra...

Like I mentioned earlier, the leaflet seems to be exactly the same for both dolls, so I didn't take photos of every page for the second time :)

I cut her hair short too, but didn't remember to take a photo before re-dressing her for a photo with her sister. You can see a little bit of the end result on the picture below.

So here you can see the girls together~ ♥ I decided to name them Momo and Misa. Both of them like bunnies and any bunny themed things, so these cute hoodies were a must-have for them x3 

I'm still waiting on my third Sahra, the lavender-haired Nostalgic Story version which I bought from Yahoo Japan ages ago. Hopefully she's going to arrive soon too. After that, my Sahra sister trio is complete and I can share more about their background ^3^

In other news, my school started on Wednesday and that's going to take a big part of my time for a few years from now on, so I might not have the time and energy for updating my blog so often :/ I'll try my best though!

August 4, 2016

My anime menu for summer 2016

I'm maybe a bit late with sharing this since some of the series have been airing for a month already, but at least I've had some time to watch more than a few episodes ^^;

Previously I shared my "anime menu" for spring 2016. Once again, I recommend checking out Anichart to see which series are currently airing and which are going to air later, in case you're looking for some anime to watch~

Feel free to share your own favorites from this season too! ^3^

Love Live! Sunshine!!

Current Progress: 5/??

Being a big fan of Love Live and the original characters, I had a bit mixed feelings about this new series with different characters... But I have to say that I've enjoyed the episodes a lot! The characters have slowly started growing on me (my favorite girls at the moment are Dia and Kanan :3) and I'm looking forward to seeing how their journey goes. It's adorable how there are many mentions to μ's, like posters on the walls, clips of their performances, etc.

B-PROJECT: Kodou Ambitious

Current Progress: 4/12

I like idol anime, so naturally this series got added to my watchlist right away. I watched the first few episodes and thought that "oh, this is really similar to Uta no Prince-sama", but after doing some research I found out that the both series are actually from the same creators! So that explains the similarity XD The series has been fun so far and I'm a bit sad that it's going to be only 12 episodes... I could imagine this being quite popular in Japan, so hopefully there'll be at least a second season ;3;

Btw, my favorite characters are Goushi, Tatsuhiro and Tomohisa~ ♥

Show By Rock!! Short!!

Current Progress: 2/12

Having watched the Show By Rock series, I obviously was interested in seeing these short episodes as well. There doesn't seem to be any plot, they're just random events of the characters' lives. A second season of Show By Rock is going to start airing this autumn, so excited about that >3<


Current Progress: 3/??

Cats in bananas has to be one of the silliest things ever X'D These are short 3-minute episodes and probably directed more at kids, but I find the series fun to watch and also a great way to learn some Japanese!

Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen

Current Progress: 3/12 (Mirai-hen) & 3/12 (Zetsubou-hen) 

I really enjoyed the anime adaption of the first game and was curious about this new series as well, it's apparently not based on any of the games and a completely original new story! I try not to bond with any of the characters, since they are dying one by one and it's be hard for me if I find favorites and they die XD

The anime is split into two Arcs; Mirai-hen is a sequel to the Danganronpa 2 game, while Zetsubou-hen tells the background story of some of the characters. They're meant to be watched side by side (episode 1 of Mirai-hen, then episode 1 of Zetsubou-hen, then episode 2 of Mirai-hen, and so on).