February 27, 2015

Picco Koron arrival + Taobao haul

My Picconeemo Koron finally arrived! ♥ Lately the shipping from Asia has been a lot slower than usually so I was getting worried for her >3<

Everything that we got from the Azone International package!

A cute Valentine's Day card as a gift ♥

Koronn ♥ At first I was planning to name her Rin, but now I think I've changed my mind and she'll be Kokoro :3 I really love this girl, she's even cuter in person than I imagined!

XS body for Mimi (Candy Cotton Miu) :3 I haven't had the time to change her to this body yet, but I'm sure she'll look super adorable~

Picconeemo shoes~ I've been hunting for those pink sneakers for a looong time, so I was really happy to find out that Azone had them in stock on their site :3

Some shirts for Sarg's girls ♥

And a dress for Sarg's Miyu XD

Then this adorable school desk and chair! ♥ We actually ordered (and paid for) two of these sets (one for me, one for Sarg), but they only sent one : < I'm still waiting for their reply on whether I'll get the item or a refund... The second desk would been really nice, so we could've taken more realistic school pictures together, but we'll see what they reply.

Have some more pictures of Kokoro! These ain't the most perfect quality, I just took some random fun shots XD

Kokoro: "Oh, hello giant doggie :3"
Tea: "Why does mommy buy these weird dolls.. I want more toys too."

Miu wanted to say welcome to the new friend ♥
Kokoro: "Um, hi.. ^^;"
Miu: "Hi, Kokoro!! Welcome home :3"

Kokoro: "??"
Miu: "Let's get this plastic thing off..."

Miu: "Better, right?"
Kokoro: "Yes, thank you ^w^ My head doesn't hurt anymore~"

Kokoro: "Hello everyone, nice to meet you~"


Sarg also picked up our Taobao order, I think this one spent like a month in the mail... But better later than never X'D I think our Azone girls were more impatient about this order than us, hahah

Here's the whole order~ A dress, stockings, shoes and bag for Azones and a pair of BJD shoes

Adorable new Azone shoes, our girls are so happy ; w ; The pink bunny shoes are for Shiori, white kitty shoes are for Nia and mint bunny shoes are for Sarg's Miyuki

Last but not least, these gorgeous pumps for Zinnia (Iplehouse SID Stella) ♥ Sarg already tested that these fit the SID feet, hurray~ So these will be Zin's wedding shoes x3 Now I just need to pull myself together and make her a lovely wedding dress~ There's no need to hurry actually, since we'd prefer to take the wedding photoshoot outside and the current snowy weather isn't quite ideal for that X'D Need to wait until summer.


I have some other packages that I need to pick up from the post office later this evening, one of them is a figure that I pre-order aaages ago~ Really excited 8D Another package is a complete mystery, I'm not sure what it is since the tracking number doesn't match anything I've ordered... But I guess I'm going to find out soon!


  1. Whoa, what an awesome mail day!!!!

    1. Heheh it surely was XD It's weird how sometimes the things you've ordered weeks or even months apart end up arriving on the same day...

  2. Eeep, those tiny mint bunny shoes! Adorable <3

    1. I know right! You should be glad that they don't have them in MSD size, for example hahah X'D

  3. Congratulations on the huge shopping haul! I know what you mean about shipping from Asia. I had the same issue with my Etsy orders from China and Korea. They took a month to get to me.

    Koron is gorgeous. I didn't know they did a PiccoNeemo version of her. There's several Pureneemo versions of her too right? If I'm thinking of the same Koron...

    Is it fairly easy to order from the Azone International store? I've never thought to look there for things.

    I love the desk/chair. Weird that they only sent one when you ordered two. Was it a case of stock out maybe? I've noticed lately some stuff I've ordered from Hobbysearch has been labelled as in stock but they don't actually have it or have sold out or something. I've had a few stock outs on my recent orders from them.

    Love the shoes. The kitty one is so adorable.

    1. Hehe thanks! ^^ I think the delays in shipping might be from the Chinese New Year... Or then they've just been dealing with more packages than usually, or something.

      Koron was actually the first Picconeemo ever and she's based on the Pureneemo version release with same style and clothes :3 There are two different hair versions of the Picconeemo, the other one looks like this.

      If you know how to use a shopping service, then you can easily order from the Azone International website ^^ The shopping services will take commission fees and you'll need to pay for all the other expenses as well, like internal shipping and bank transfer fee. It can become expensive, so I'd only recommend ordering if you can't find the items elsewhere.

      I have no idea... They did charge me for two, it appears on the receipt as well :/ If they were only able to buy one, I think they should've noticed it and given me a refund for the missing one... And now after I contacted them, they first replied like "are you sure you checked everything, also the packing materials", implying that there SHOULD be two >.< They're looking into it now, we'll see whether they give me a refund or the item I ordered.

      Yup I love these kitty shoes! ♥ Would like them in another color(s) as well :3

  4. I love those bjd shoes! Can I ask which shop they are from?

    1. Yeah sure! This is the shop :) They have such a great selection of BJD shoes~ Now that I know this shoe style fits the Iplehouse girls' feet, I'm tempted to buy the same shoes in other colors as well for my other girls ^^; It's always such a hassle to find fitting shoes for them...