November 14, 2014

Lil' Fairy Lipu arrives~!

After work I went to the post office and picked up my AmiAmi package~ I also got a bunch of adorable hats from A Little Wing, but I'm going to make a little review about those later ^^

Now onto the AmiAmi stuff! October was a quiet month for me, I only got a few items. I can't keep up with all of my preorders anymore, but I think that some were delayed from October to November... So the next loot will probably be the biggest during this year ^^;

Anyways, these were included in the October package:

Madoka strap ♥ Now I have all three versions of Madoka (school uniform, Ultimate and this one) as these pinched straps~ Yeah, I'm a huge Madoka fan... I don't plan to use them, I always end up either losing or breaking any charms on my phone, bag, etc. so I definitely want to keep these on display only ^^; I haven't even taken them off their packaging yet, I need to think what would be a good way to display them...

Another series that I'm in love with is Love Live!! I'm on a mission to collect all 9 characters in this SEGA prize figure series (No Brand Girls), this was my 6th :3 I managed to pre-order some of them from HLJ, but for some reason many SEGA figures in their shop were suddenly cancelled due to uncertain stock or something like that >.< Rin is from AmiAmi's preowned section. I just managed to snag a Nico too, she'll arrive in my late November loot.

The last and most awaited thing in this order was Azone Lil' Fairy Lipu ♥ 

I think I preordered her back in March... At first she was supposed to be released in summer, but she got delayed again and again... Until FINALLY, in the end of October she was released. I was almost starting to think that I'd never get her XD She has been released before though, but the preorder price was significantly cheaper than second-hand prices seemed to be >.< BJDs have taught me to have patience with waiting, so it wasn't that bad.

Here she is! I really love her default clothes and accessories~ I wasn't sure how I'd feel about her huge hands (Sarg was the one who encouraged me to purchase her despite my doubts), but after seeing her in person I think she's just perfect this way <3

Hahah she came with this tiny cleaning cloth... And apparently started cleaning right away XD

Attack!!! This might happen if cleaning cloths get too attached to you >:3 (Am I stupid for thinking that the little thing is like the cutest thing ever?? I know, it's just a white piece of fabric but... a doll-sized cleaning cloth awwww XD)

And she also came with this mop ♥ Which is adorable as well~


  1. What an adorable little maid! A nice haul overall, and it's fun to hear about your collections outside bjds :)

    1. Thank you! ^^
      Great to hear that this post was fun to read~ I was a bit worried that stuff outside BJDs might not interest anyone XD

  2. Aah, tuo Lipu osaa sitten ollakin tosi suloinen meido <3 >_<!

    Oi, saisiko kuvia noista sinun Love Live figuureista? :3 Animen kanssa olin vähän "Nojaa..", mutta siskon ladattua Love Live School Idol Festival -kännykkäsovelluksen oli minunkin se ladattava. Vaikka olenkin siinä susihuono, niin tosi kivaa tahkota ja kerätä kortteja.

    1. Se on ihan huippusuloinen ;___; Olen iloinen että päädyin sen hankkimaan~

      Voin toki ottaa noista kuvia, täytyy laittaa korvan taakse etten unohda ^^ Itse tykkäsin animesta kovasti ja voih, olen aivan täysin hurahtunut tuohon kännykkäpeliin... Tykkään hirveästi noista biiseistä ja kaikenlaiset rytmipelit on aina olleet sydäntä lähellä~ Tuo korttien keräilykin on hauska lisä tuossa :)

  3. Awww, Lipu is so so cute with her tiny little cleaning-gear. <3 I was a bit taken aback by those huge hands on Lil'Fairies, too, but after seeing how adorable they look in the photos, I love them.

    It's great that you post about figure-collecting as well! I love loot-posts so keep them coming! ;)

    1. Thank you, she really is precious <3 Somehow I really like the anime-ish feeling I get from her huge hands~ I tend to prefer more realistic features on BJDs and don't really like MSDs with huge Mickey Mouse hands, so maybe that's why I was a bit worried about how I'd feel about Lipu :'D But she's adorable ♥

      Love to hear that! Before this blog I didn't really have any place to talk about figures, so it's great to be able to share more of this hobby too x3