November 26, 2014

Photo spam from the weekend

Like I mentioned in the end of my previous post, I was at Sarg's for the weekend and we had so much fun :3 Work has kept me busy (and tired) for the past few days, so I haven't really had the energy to write this post until now...

Anyways, I had a couple of dolls with me so we took some pictures~

Here are my Cressida (Soom Mecha Angel Bellatrix) and Sarg's Pandora (Twigling Ingenieuse). In our story Cressida is the Queen and Pandora is her beloved pet/bodyguard/lover/servant/etc. you name it, they're really close ♥ These were their first photos together, but hopefully we'll be able to take more soon~

Cressida does have a husband (what would a queen be without a king, huh), but he's been quite busy with all of his duties that he barely has time for his wife :/ Cressida needs a lot of attention and affection, which she now gets from Pandora... Lorrence doesn't know (at least for now) how deep their relationship actually is >.< Despite everything Cressida does love her husband dearly and would never leave him, even for Pandora...

Pandora also met little Chici XD Their stories are not connected in anyway, so this is totally OOC... But I just couldn't resist taking a random shot of them XD

Another doll that we took photos of is the newest faery in my doll family, Twyla (Soom Faery Legend Asis) ♥ She was a dream doll of mine for a long time and now I finally have her, my lovely little pastel goth ;___; Sarg has taken a liking to her as well, which I'm really happy of x3

Character-wise Twyla is a bit timid and shy, but very clever and mature for her age (she's the youngest among my faeries). She's a "twilight fairy", her wings produce dream dust which helps people, especially children, sleep better at night and see sweet dreams~ You could say that she's something like the Sandman in European folklore XD

Twyla's faceup and dress were made by me, Sarg painted the wings and also put the hairband together, based on my instructions XD (I suck with glue, so I try to leave it to her whenever I can...)

I'm really happy with her and need to take more photos of her soon~ Sarg always has the most awesome props for any doll and the lighting is better at her place too, I need to do some thinking what kind of set-up I could build for Twyla at home XD

On another note, look what I got from Sarg!! It's a cute little bag shaped like a pink candy house ;3; I've admired that bag for all this time me and Sarg have known each other, she has carried some props and stuff in it sometimes. On the weekend we put Lili to "sleep" inside the bag for the nights and she looked so at home in there that Sarg said I could have the bag ;____;

Here's what it looks like from the outside asasasasd!! I love this bag so much XD It'll be the perfect carrier for my smaller dolls~ Thanks so much again, dear ♥♥♥

Besides taking photos we just played around with our dolls, chatted, watched TV and played Thief on PS3 :3 Aaand we also briefly visited the center of Helsinki on Sunday because they lighted up the city's Christmas lights! I'm not much of a Christmas person... All the carols playing everywhere nearly drive me crazy each year, but I do love the prettiness of Christmas lights and decorations ;3; And presents are also nice, of course XD

I also found the most adorable Hello Kitty chocolate advent calendar ;___; It was 50% off at a candy store we went to, I just couldn't leave it there... Besides chocolate it also has some surprise toys inside! I'm such a child at heart, hahah XD


  1. Lovely pictures as always, you are such an inspiration >u<!!!! The streets look amazing with so many lights, must be fun! Here is really lame, almost no lights in the streets, you can't even tell is christmas :(!!! I love xmas so much~
    And that little bag for your dolls is just the cutest bag ever!

    1. Awww thank you so much ; ///// ;
      The Christmas lights were really amazing! I live a bi farther away from Helsinki and here the decorations are much more boring... But some people decorate their windows and yards really beautifully!

      Yeah I love the bag! ♥ Sarg was so surprised why I had never asked if I could have it XD

  2. Both Cressida and Pandora are gorgeous! And they look so good together. *__* (Aww, I feel a bit sad for Pandora... I hope she's ok that Cressida's number one will always be her husband. )

    That little bag is just perfect for Lili, it's like it was made for her!

    Ah, I was about to get that same Hello Kitty advent calendar too! :'D

    1. Thanks so much <3 I'm really excited about these two~ (Yeah well Pandora is so loyal to Cressida that she'd never leave her either... She can transform into a cat, so she often just lays on Cressida's lap like a pet would ; w ;)

      Haha yes it is XD I have many other little dolls that have a cute style, so the bag will be handy for them as well!

      If you happen to visit Helsinki soon, there's this candy shop (I think the name is Karkkitori) in the railway station near the entrance to the subway, they were selling the calendar for 50% off (7,9euros). So if you want to save a bit, check the shop out ^^ I bought mine on Saturday and they still had plenty, not sure how long their stock lasts but if you're somewhere near it's worth checking out!