December 30, 2017

Doll year 2017

The year of 2017 is almost at its end, so it's time to take a look at what kind of doll year this was for me. I've usually also made a separate post about annual goals, but this year I'm skipping that... I miserably failed to reach any of the goals that I had set for this year and I also think that I won't try to make any for next year, because there's no telling how lazy or busy I'll be ^^; I'll just do whatever I feel like doing and try not to stress about things :3

Previous years:

• Arrivals

Soom York (ordered in 2016)
Miyadoll Dreaming Tory

My plan for this year was not to get more BJDs, but I still ended up getting one (York doesn't count, since he was ordered last year) :D That's pretty good though, luckily this year I didn't see any new releases that would've tempted me enough to order them. I'm pretty happy with my BJD crew currently, though sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed since I do have quite many... >.< I'm hoping that their numbers won't increase next year!

Dollfie Dream:
DDS Freyja

One of my goals for this year was to get DDS Freyja and I managed to get her home, even though I didn't win in the Volks lottery! I've been really happy with her, though I'm still not quite sure about her character...

Azone Pureneemo:
Meow x Meow Lycee
Meow x Meow Sahra
Snow Queen Mia
Sugar Dream Koron

Azone Picconeemo:
Raili (ordered in 2016)

Azone dolls continue being my weakness, hahah XD Still, I'm quite surprised that I managed not to buy more than 4 Pureneemos and 1 Picconeemo! I do have my eyes on the new Picco Aika and Koron that were released a while ago, though I probably only want to get Aika for her clothes... I love my older Picco Koron and Aika! ♥

• Rehomed

Azone 48cm Mocha
Pureneemo Tsukiha
Heartful Kiss Maya
Punk Girl Koron
Secret Garden Chisa
Twinkle a la Mode Sahra standard ver.
Twinkle a la Mode Sahra DS ver.


Luts Tiny Delf Gretel elf
Pipos Ringo
Soom Clozel
Soom Minette (still for sale)
Soom Nelen (still for sale)
Soom Nyer
Soom Sweet Witch
Souldoll Junia

I sold quite many dolls during this year, since I started to feel like there were some that didn't get much attention from me and I wanted to let those dolls go. I do miss some of them because of their characters, but selling them as dolls was still the right decision.

• Other thoughts on 2017

Overall 2017 was quite a shitty year for me, since I've been so tired and stressed because of the school etc... That has naturally affected my hobbies as well and I haven't been inspired to do much with my dolls :c On the other hand, just having them around in the house relieves the stress and reminds me why I am in the hobby ♥ I wish I would've been more active, taken more photos and sewn more - hopefully that will happen in 2018!

• Doll plans for 2018

The only solid doll plan that have I for now is to get a Dollfie Dream in TAN! I'm finally going to Japan in spring 2018 and that gives me the chance to bring home a tan girl, which can only be purchased from the Volks store in Akihabara! ♥ Besides her, I don't really have any plans. Actually, I'd prefer not to buy more dolls and focus on the ones I have, but we'll see... :D


  1. Sorry to hear, that you year was sometimes hard on you. But I can relate with it a lot. Stress affects mostly the things, that would make you happy, but you are too stressed to do those things, or lack on energy.

    "just having them around in the house relieves the stress and reminds me why I am in the hobby"

    Maybe that is something we both should hang on for 2018.
    I wish you a Happy New Year and that it is indeed a good year :3

    1. Yeah, it sucks that when you're too busy or stressed you don't have the energy to do the things that would make you feel less stressed =.= But that happens! Hopefully 2018 will be a bit better year :3

      (Belated) Happy New Year to you too, I wish you have a good year! ♥

  2. I'm sorry to read that 2017 was bad, but here is to hoping 2018 will be better! I'm happy to read you scheduled the trip to Japan, and I do wish you'll have a great time there! Pleas share photos!!

    And I wish you the best for this year, may you achieve all your goals and have an overall awesome year!

    1. Let's hope so! ^^ I'm really excited about the Japan trip, can't wait!! ♥ On the other hand it feels like time goes by really fast - just a while ago it was half a year before the trip, but now there's only 10 weeks before we leave! D: Will definitely share lots of photos and I also plan to get some video material from Japan~

      Thank you dear, hope you have a wonderful year as well! ♥