June 10, 2015

Desucon 2015 experience

Hi guys, I'm back~ I didn't have time to blog about Desucon before leaving to the Nightwish concert cruise on Monday and during the cruise while I did have time, there was no working Internet connection X'D I had so much fun, but I'm absolutely exhausted now and have many posts to make and photos to edit...

I apologize for the image heaviness, but I wanted to write down my con experience in detail and share lots of photos as well ^^; This'll be a fun entry to look back to in the future and also works as a sort of diary for myself.


We had to wake up at 5am on Saturday to make it to the bus in time... There would've been some programs on Friday already, but nothing too interesting and worth paying for the extra night at the hotel. The bus trip went fast and our hotel was right next to the bus stop, so we went to leave our stuff there. We couldn't check-in yet, but at least they were nice to let us store our bags in a locked room, so we didn't have to carry everything around at the con. The hotel seemed to be aware of the convention, as they had a lovely sign saying "Have a nice Desu-day!" I forgot to take a photo of it, but had to mention it as we thought it was so thoughtful ^^

While we walked towards Sibeliustalo where the convention was held, we received a lot of weird stares X'D Most of them were probably wondering what the heck are these weirdos (which is no wonder actually, considering that I had an unicorn horn on my forehead lol), but some also seemed fascinated. A lovely lady in her 70s came to talk to us and complimented our outfits, saying that Desucon was mentioned in the TV news and that she would love to attend such events if she wasn't so old. She even said that she supports gay people (without us mentioning anything about the suspect) and we were like thumbs up right away XD Such a sweet person~

After reaching the con, we met with Tiinyan, her brother and friend and went to check out the sales tables and art street first. Even though they just opened, there were a lot of people ^^;; Especially the art street was so crowded that it was hard to move... Me and Tiinyan chatted about it and she told me that the art street has been in the same place during the earlier conventions as well >.<

A BJD spotted!

On Saturday I only bought a pack of strawberry Pockys and an adorable Alpaca keychain from the art street, but on Sunday I made the luckiest find ever! I'll be making a separate post for that figure, so I won't reveal what it is just yet ;3 For now I'll just say that it's a figure and damn pretty!

Pocky love ;3; Here you can also see a glimpse of my dress~

My new camera mascot! ♥

Sarg found an A4 size art print of Geralt XD

And Sarg also found this cutiepie, a little Numera/Goomy plush ♥♥♥

Next we went to listen to an interesting lecture of 3D in anime, it was actually the only lecture we attended during the con ^^; After that we had some time for general hanging out, eating and taking photos. At this point Spica and Nolluska joined us and we spent some time outside with our dolls~

Tiinyan brought her beautiful Smartdoll Mirai! ♥ Just look how pretty she is ;3;

And this is the other cutie she brought, Pureneemo Yuuta :3 I fell in love with this one as well... I've been safe from the Neemo boys so far, but this one is so damn cute and would also make a cute girl ^3^ (No offense to Yuuta, you're an adorable boy too, of course! *hugs him*)

Nolluska's beautiful Unoa Elder Sister!

My and Spica's Alpacas (Pinki-chan and Aobaca) had a little date XD I've seen Aobaca in person many times before, but I didn't realize that he's actually smaller than Pinki-chan lol... Looks like the two Alpacas got along just fine though!

The convention was filled with awesome cosplays and outfits! ♥ I wish I had taken more photos of them, but I was quite nervous and shy to ask people if I could take a photo of them... ; //// ; I'm definitely more of a still-life photographer, people have always been my weak point. Hopefully I'll get more courage in the future conventions though!

Sarg took me a photo of a pink army guy XD

Saber! ♥

Kirito-kun! ♥

There was also little Yui along, so adorable ;___; 

One of the main events during the con was definitely the cosplay competition! We reserved our seat tickets right after arriving at the con at around 9.30am and I believe all the seats were taken by 12am or so. It was a wonderful show, all the cosplays and performances were incredible!

We got quite good seats in the 3rd row! :)

First there was the Euro Cosplay contest were each of the contestants had prepared a short performance and the judges chose who gets to represent Finland in the Championships held in October in London! I tried to search for a video of the show from Youtube so I could've added it to this post, but couldn't find one yet :/

This was the winner! The outfit is very detailed and the performance was super funny, so unexpected XD

All of the Euro Cosplay contestants

Then there was the Hall Cosplay competition where the contestants were randomly chosen from the cosplaying con visitors! I wish I had gotten more photos of the outfits or at least of the group, but the official photographers in the front row were in my way ^^;

This Kotori cosplay was one of the cutest I've ever seen! ♥

After the cosplay show, I took a photo of this beautiful Cinderella cosplayer~ ♥ I saw her many times during the con, but didn't have the courage to ask for a photo earlier... What a coincidence that she actually sat right next to me at the cosplay show, so I finally gathered enough courage to ask her if I could take a photo after the show >////< She seemed so nice and I think she looked stunning as Cinderella, definitely one of my favorite cosplays from the con! ♥

Then we went back to the hotel to check-in and rest a while before the evening party. We ended up being super lazy and not going there even though we had planned otherwise. We watched some TV and went to bed early =3=


On Sunday we had breakfast at the hotel and then walked to the con again and attended a Dollfie Dream meet-up :) It was fun to meet new people and see all the lovely DDs, though now I'm more and more tempted to get a DD of my own...

Spica's Yumeka with a new Alpaca friend :3

Tiinyan's lovely Mirai again ♥

And little Yuuta posing with my Chizu x3 So cute that I just can't... 

A group photo of the DDs + Mirai ♥

And another group photo of the smaller visitors XD

Before the AMV contest we had some time to grab something to eat, though the lines in the shop were so long that we ended up not having time to eat before the contest started... There were over 30 videos, but all of them were great to see. Wanted to share some of them:

This won the prize of Best Storytelling and no wonder, such a touching story and well-made video!

The prize of Best Technical Execution. Everyone laughed so hard at this, just hilarious XD

Honorary award for the Most Touching Drama. I'm usually not a fan of Yaoi, but boy, this was such a perfectly made video and made me cry... ;___; I really want to watch this series now to see if it's as good as this video made it seem.

The judges gave most of the awards, but the con visitors were also able to vote for their favorite... And this one won XD It's a Finnish song, so it probably doesn't seem that funny to people who don't understand Finnish :/

This didn't win any awards, but I thought this was one of the best ones XD It's also in Finnish, but it has subtitles (though I don't think they're as funny as in Finnish).

After the AMV contest we left to the hotel to grab our bags and wait for the bus. Tiinyan & co. came to the same bus, so we had a great drive while talking about dollies and stuff ^^


Overall, the convention was a great experience and we had so much fun with our friends~ Thank you all for your company! ♥ We're hoping to be able to visit other conventions this year too ^3^


  1. Kiitos vielä mukavasta con-seurasta! ^3^/ Oli todella kivaa ja oli mukava palata conin tunnelmiin tämän postauksen myötä. :)

    Wow, aivan mahtavia kuvia olet saanut conista! *__* Tätä on itsekin mukava selailla jälkeenpäinkin kun en hiveästi ole coneista ottanut yleiskuvia.

    Tuo Unspoken-video on Hybrid Child OVA-animesta. Animea en ole vielä nähnyt, mutta olen lukenut mangan jo useampi vuosi sitten. Vaikka piirrostyyli on hiukan horjuvaa siinä, tarina on oikein kaunis vaikkakin surullinen. Suosittelen tutustumaan! Ehdottomasti yksi parhaista "yaoi"-sarjakuvista joita olen lukenut.

    Kyseisessä sarjassa ei mitään ihan hirveän hard corea matskua ollut, vaan kyseessä oli enemmän tarinapainotteinen sarjakuva. Siten uskoisin sen sopivan sellaisillekin ihmisille, jotka eivät yleensä yaoista välitä. Olen itseasiassa kirjoittanut mangasta pienen arvostelunkin blogiin parisen vuotta sitten, se löytyy täältä:

    Mielestäni sopii luettavaksi nukkeilijoille robottiteeman takia. :) Itse olen aina jostain syystä rinnastanut nuket robotteihin. Sarjakuvassa on useita pieniä novellin kaltaisia lyhyttarinoita, jotka kaikki pyörivät Hybrid Child-robottien ympärillä. Tuo tarinakaari, joka musiikkivideossa nähtiin sijoittuu Hybrid Child-robottien luojan nuoruuteen ja tarinaan tämän onnettomasta rakkaudesta lapsuuden ystäväänsä. Snif.

    ...Hybrid Child on yksi harvoista sarjakuvista joita lukiessa olen itkenyt. Todella tunteita herättävä sarja siis. x)

    1. Kiitos siullekin!! ^3^ Jäi tosi mukava mieli conista piiitkän coneilutauon jälkeen~ Mukava jos tästä postauksesta oli muillekin jotain iloa :3 Koitettiin tosiaan jotain yleisiä fiilistelykuvia räpsiä kanssa, että jäisi jotain muistoja!

      Hahah ehdittiin jo metsästää kissojen ja koirien kanssa tietoa, että mistä animesta tuo Unspoken-video on, ennen kuin sitten löydettiin tuo video Tubesta ja se oli siellä kerrottu XD Olisi pitänyt tajuta kysyä siulta! Tuo tarina vaikuttaa kyllä sellaiselta, että pitää ehdottomasti tutustua sarjaan tarkemmin. Mangan lukemisen suhteen olen ollut hirmu laiska viimevuosina, mutta ainakin tuota animea täytyy katsoa jossain vaiheessa. Vaikuttaa lupaavalle, etenkin jos ei ollut mitään erityisen hardcorea matskua XD Ooh tuo robottiteema kuulostaa myös kivalta!

      Kieltämättä oli kyllä siellä AMV-kisassakin vähän tippa linssissä tuota videota katsoessa ;___;

  2. Wooow, it seems like such an amazing event, are those punk Disney T-shirts? :D LOL
    If I were to go there I might just be broke after 1 day, how did you control your spending?

    And sooo many DDs~ They're so lovely and cute!

    1. It really was a great event! Hahah yes those are punk Disney T-shirts, they were quite awesome XD There was so much stuff, I have no idea how I managed not to buy everything lol... I'm quite proud of myself XD

      I loved seeing so many new DDs~ It was my first time attending a DD meet-up, I'd only seen a few of my friends' dolls before :)

  3. Kiiiitos ihanasta coni- ja bussiseurasta! :3 Ehdin aika hyvin seurustelemaankin conissa, vaikka luennoilla juoksinkin siinä välissä X3

    Haa, bongasin itseni tuosta cosplaykisan yleisökuvasta :D

    Joo, tuo Hybrid Child on tosi hyvä! Itse olen sekä mangan että tuon ova-sarjan lukenut/katsellut läpi. Ja niin kuin Spica mainitsikin, ei kyseessä ole mitään hard core-matskua, vaan draama on pääosassa. Ite tykästyin kovasti tuohon musavideoon myös. Hienosti on saatu tiivistettyä Kurodan ja Tsukishiman tarina siihen ;_;

    1. Kiitos sinullekin, oli tosi mukavaa! ♥ Itseä jäi ehkä vähän harmittamaan, kun ei tullut enempää käytyä luennoilla, meni paljon aikaa yleiseen lahnaamiseen XD Mutta noh, ehkä ensi kerralla on sitten reippaampi XD

      Hahah piti itsekin tihrustaa tuota yleisökuvaa ja minäkin löysin teidät! Olittekin näköjään aika lähellä XD

      Suositteluja tuosta Hybrid Childistä näemmä satelee, täytyy ehdottomasti katsastaa tuo anime! :) Onneksi tuo on lyhyt OVA, eikä mikään miljoonajaksoinen, suuremmalla todennäköisyydellä ehtii jopa katsoa tämän elämän aikana XD Ja kiva kuulla jos tosiaan tarina on tuossa sarjassa pääosassa eikä se muu materiaali!

  4. Woow.. so much cute things! ;__;
    Niin paljon kaikkea oheissälää mitä kateellisena shoppailin mielessäni näistä sinun kuvista.
    Cosseista tuo Kirito ja minimini Yui! Herran jumala kuin söpö idea ja pakko pölliä tuo kaverille lisäksi cossiinsa :D

    1. Much cute is the best cute eikun mitä... :D
      Etenkin noissa pehmokaupoissa meinasi kyllä itsehillintä pettää, mutta sain jotenkin hallittua ostohimoni... Iso alpakkapehmo melkein tarttui mukaan, joku toinen sattui vaan juuri minua ennen ostamaan viimeisen haluamastani X'D Mutta eipä se jäänyt sitten harmittamaan, etenkin kun heti sen jälkeen löytyi tuo figuuri joka söi budjetin...

      Tuo mini-Yui oli niin suloinen ja mahtava idea! ♥♥ En ollutkaan aiemmin nähnyt, että joku olisi tehnyt Yuista miniversion :)

  5. Uwaa, kuinka paljon ihania ostettavia asioita! Nuo pandahatut pisti tuolta heti silmään. Emt missä sellaista pitäisin, mutta söpöt kuin mikä :D
    Vaikutti kivalta conilta, pitäisi ehkä itsekin joskus uskaltautua vähän kauemmaksi coniin.

    1. Tuolla oli kyllä vaikka mitä, sai olla tarkkana ettei tavara sun toinenkin hypännyt matkaan! Nuo pandahatut oli tosiaan hirmu suloisia, jos olisivat olleet nukkekokoisia olisi saattanut tarttua mukaankin XD

      Oli kyllä mukava con~ Ihan pirusti jännitti, mutta kannatti uskaltautua! Parin viikon päästähän on Hyvinkäällä pääsymaksuton Hypecon, jos on coneilu-fiilis ;3

  6. Bongailin fanittamiani juttuja minkä kerkesin! >3< Iik mitä kaikkea ihanaa!~ Täytyy kattoa jos pääsisin Desuun tai johonkin muuhun coniin ensi vuonna. :D Jos saan kerättyä tarpeeksi rohkeutta. xD Kaikki rahani uppoaisivat tuonne kun siellä olisi niin paljon kaikkea kivaa ostettavaa. :'D

    *kykenemätön sanomaan mitään järkevää ihastuksissaan tavarapaljoudesta*

    nimim. materialisti :'D

    1. Hihih, siellä kyllä bongailtavaa riitti, niin myyntipöydissä kuin cosplay-asuissa! >:D Toivottavasti säkin uskaltautuisit coneilemaan! Niin kuin tuossa Fyrdillekin mainitsin, niin parin viikon päästä olisi tosiaan pääsymaksuton Hypecon Hyvinkäällä :3

      Materialisti täälläkin, ihme kyllä tällä kertaa osasin hillitä itseni ja osteluni tuolla XD

    2. Hmmm... Mulla on kyllä tuollon lauantaina varmaan aika tärkeät treenit kun on kisoja edeltävä viikonloppu, mutta jos Pasilasta siinä noin puoli kahdentoista aikaan junaan niin ehtisinhän minä sinne kuitenkin. ^^ Hui, uskaltaisinkohan itseni sinne lähtettää. :D Toisaalta jos jänistän juuri ennen sisälle menoa niin ei se olisi kuin sen 12 euroa suuntaan ja toiseen opiskelijakortilla. xD

      Ja koska se on pelitapahtuma niin voin vain ajatella sitä kaikkea ihanaa Zelda-roinaa mitä siellä olisi~ ♥ Guh~

      Ootteko te menossa Hypeconiin? :'D Yksin ei hotsittaisi mennä mutta jos siellä joku on. ^^

  7. Wow, that looked like a huge event! I would love to go to something like that someday :)
    Some of those cosplays were great!
    Thanks for sharing it with us :3

    1. There were quite many people and it was a lot of fun! :) I hope that you'll get to visit a similar event in the future!
      Great to hear if you enjoyed reading this~

  8. Mahtava tapahtuma! Ja niin paljon ihania juttuja - alpacat, siis voi, voi! Ihan sitä tarvitsee matkalaukun jos ostelis' kaikki mitä haluaa! :D

    1. Oli kyllä mukavaa tuolla :3 Ja paljon kaikkea ihanaa tosiaan~ Onneksi tuota tavaraa ei tarttunut niin paljoa mukaan että olisi erillistä laukkua niille tarvinnut XD

  9. Oh, Nightwish is the band right? How was the cruise?

    So many great photos to look at. Thanks for taking the time to share them with us!

    Grave of the Fireflies ... man, I could not stop crying when I watched that movie. It was so heart wrenching.

    Also, SmartDoll envy. I love those dolls. I really need to find a high paying job to afford one though! But I love looking at them.

    The Cosplay costumes were absolutely stunning. It must take people such a long time to sew them all.

    Looked like there was a lot to do and see, no wonder you are exhausted after the weekend.

    1. Yes, Nightwish is the Finnish heavy metal band :3 The cruise went well, though the concert was quite crowded and the ship's bar clearly wasn't made to fit so many people at once... ^^; But it was still an awesome experience, it was my first time seeing Nightwish perform live! ♥

      No problem, I'm happy to hear if you enjoyed looking at the photos! :3

      Grave of the Fireflies really is a touching movie... I nearly started crying right when I saw that the AMV was going to be about it ;___;

      I'm having a huge DD fever, but don't know whether I'd like to get a DD or Smartdoll >3< They're both lovely!

      During the cosplay competition some of the contestants were asked how much time they had spent on their outfits and it was interesting to hear how for some it had taken years! (though I guess it also depends on how actively you can work on it)

      It was a great event, but really exhausting XD

  10. Thank you for posting so much! I miss going to conventions and this was almost as good as being able to go in person. I love the cosplays so much! <3

    1. No problem, great to hear if you enjoyed reading this post and seeing the photos :) I'm going to attend a few other conventions this summer/autumn and will definitely post about them too~ I love the cosplays as well! ♥ It awesome to see what kind of outfits everyone comes up :)

  11. Conventions are so much fun!! I skipped my local one this year, mostly because the bjd community is rarely in attendance anymore. ;3; Still, I love con season, and seeing all the posts!! So much awesome!!

    1. I think so too :3 Luckily many of my friends who like dolls are also into anime/manga and like visiting conventions, so we can hang out together! I'll be visiting at least two other cons this summer/autumn~