December 29, 2015

Doll year 2015

It's time for an overview on how this year was for me in the doll hobby~ I wrote about last year here and also wrote a separate blog post about my goals for this year :) Next year's goals will get their own post a bit later as well and in that post I'll also go through this year's goals that I had and whether or not I managed to achieve them! In this post I'll just list which dolls arrived or were rehomed during this year and what kind of plans I have for next year :3

• Arrivals

Soom MD Toad
Eve Studio Russian Toy Terrier
Souldoll Bella with Justitia's armor (ordered in 2014)
Iplehouse SID Eva
Iplehouse SID Grace
Soom MD Onyx

Dollfie Dream:
DDS Mariko

The doll year started quite nicely in January when I got Toad that I won from Soom's 2014 Christmas photo contest and in June I found out about the re-release of DDS Mariko, a doll that I never thought I'd be able to get! As a cherry on the cake, I got grey skin Onyx, another doll that I thought would always be out of my reach... She's really special, as she was also a dream come true for Sarg at the same time!

I was supposed not to buy any dolls this year, but again there were some irresistible limited dolls and other temptations that I just couldn't resist getting ^^; Still, I have no regrets and even though my doll family is quite big already, all of my dolls are important and dear to me ♥

Azone Pureneemo:
Cotton Candy Miu
Picconeemo Koron
Secret Garden Chisa
Minami-sensei (DS ver.)
Sweet Punk Girls Koron
Majokko Little Witch of the Heart Chiika
Blue×Pink Maya (DS ver.)
Little Briar Rose Lien
Winter Vacation Mia (DS ver.)
Swan Lake Raili
Risu-san Chiika
Little Maid Chisa

Azone Picconeemo:
Dreamy Girl Chiika
Wicked Style Aika
Lil Fairy Lipu (Lambs of Sheep Year)
Lil Fairy Erunoe (Azone Staff ver.)

This was my second year collecting Azone dolls and the Neemo family grew quite a lot... I managed to find many of the older releases that I had on my wishlist (like Minami-sensei ♥) and didn't want to miss on the pre-orders of the new ones that I liked, as finding dolls second-hand can often be so frustrating >.< Like with BJDs, I have no regrets and love all of these dolls!

• Ordered, will arrive in 2015:

Souldoll Aehael
Souldoll Junia

MSDs are not really my thing, but Souldoll managed to release two irresistible ones in a row... I'm not sure about their characters or even names, which is why I haven't talked about them in my blog yet. I'm quite excited about these two, though also worried that I might not bond with them because of the size ;___; I guess we'll see how things go once they get home~ I've seen some people get their Aehael already and in pictures she does look absolutely gorgeous! ♥

• Rehomed:

Soom MD Lucky

Even though I really liked this birdie, I just couldn't bond with her :/ I had expected her blue skin color to be much lighter and less bright, but it was actually veery different compared to the other dolls previously released in the same skin color. I do love the sculpt a lot though and find myself missing this girl from time to time, but still I think I made the right decision by letting her go. I wonder if there's ever going to be a chance to get Lucky in some other color, like grey or pastel purple *o* Actually, I noticed that Soom just recently released her in WS and NS, but I'm still waiting on a possible Free Choice event or something with more special color options~

• Other thoughts on 2015:

I feel like this was quite a lazy year for me, as I didn't take as many doll pictures as on previous years and didn't sew that much either ;___; There have been lots of changes in RL stuff, like moving together with Sarg, and many things have kept me busy most of the time. I've still had time for doll things, but often we just play around with the dolls - have a few at a time in our living room and pose them or change their outfits etc. without taking any pictures. It's relaxing, but I still wish I had taken more proper photoshoots >3<

This year we also started meeting up with a bunch of doll people that have become our great friends~ ♥ Hopefully next year we manage to arrange to meet-ups as well ^^

• Doll plans for 2016:

Sarg actually ended up buying Souldoll's Tera Zenith Oscal, which will be my character Eemil, so that crosses one doll off of my wishlist and I no longer have need for Iplehouse Felix, thank god!

In 2016 my number one thing would be to finally find the perfect sculpt for my mermaid girl Undine and get her home. Other than that, I don't really have any BJD plans as my crew is starting to feel quite complete! We're planning for a Japan trip, which will require saving some money too, so hopefully I'll be able to stick with getting just Undine and there won't be tempting limited releases etc. I hope there won't be many new Azone releases that I'd like to get either >.< The beginning of the year doesn't seem too promising though, as there'll be two (or maybe three...) cuties that I have my eyes on...

Overall, I'm looking forward to 2016 and hope it'll be another good year in the hobby ^3^


  1. You wrote that you've had a lazy doll year with phitography but I find you and Sarg have taken plenty of gorgeous photos! :)

    Seems like you've had a wonderful doll year what with fulfilling doll dreams!
    I'm also happy about our little dollmeet bunch and our get togethers this year! Hoping for fun meet-ups in 2016 too! <3

    Wow, you're planning for a trip to Japan! It would be awesome to go around the same time and maybe spend some time together there. :)

    1. Awww well thank you! ♥ Somehow I just feel like I was more active on a few previous years, but it could always be that my perfectionism has just grown? XD

      This year was definitely awesome in terms of getting dream dolls home! ♥ And the meet-ups were super fun as well~ We definitely need to meet up next year too :)

      Oh yes, we will see! We've just briefly talked about it with Janina and her hubby, we'll plan more once we visit them again :) Our trip probably would be in autumn/closer to the end of year, so that we have time to save up and everything. A translator would be much appreciated ;3 And if you know about any must-visit stores besides the obvious Azone International and Volks stores, please do let me know! I'd love to visit some stores with lolita/mori/pastel clothing as well~

  2. ..
    And I can work as a translator if need be. ^_^

  3. I agree with Spica, if that was a lazy year then I feel really bad about myself right now xD haha~~

    omg! You also ordered aehael x333
    It's interesting how you kept a record of your re-homed dollies too, your overview is very cool~ :D :D
    If you go to Japan I suggest you really stop by Taiwan too, they even have BJD cafés over there x3 and the upcoming doll parties in Taipei are in March & May ( & ) ~ perhaps we could even meet up D:

    1. Oh noes XD It was not my intention to make anyone feel bad! I was simply comparing this year to my earlier years, when I felt like I was more active, took more photos etc.

      Oh yes, I couldn't resist getting Aehael ^^;
      It's a shame that those doll parties are in spring already, we probably would travel in autumn/end of the year :/ I don't know if we can stop by Taiwan, but we'll see!

    2. Oh, autumn is a great season for visiting too! :D There will definitely be doll parties in those seasons too I bet! ~ let's wait and see!

  4. If your year was lazy mine was nonexistent XD You are making all of us feel bad, but specially me!! I mean cmon, there's 12 photos from 2015 in my flickr!!! XDDDD
    You have an amazing collection of dolls and I hope the new MSD grils are to your taste once they arrive, I was also tempted by the souldoll MSD releases this year but I stayed strong! (more like no money XD)

    Your pureneemo collection grew A LOT holy cheese, I'm living that hobby through people likle you, since I don't have any but I love them XD so thanks for posting so much about them this year :D

    Hope you get to go to Japan, that must be amazing~!!! I'm hoping I'll be able to go to New York someday, but it won't happen in 2016, that's for sure x)

    1. Awww XD I didn't want to make anyone feel bad! It's just that I felt like I took more photos and was more active during earlier years than this year. For me photography and sewing have always been a big part of the hobby, so now that I wasn't so active on those, I feel really weird!

      Hopefully the collection won't grow much from this, otherwise they'll soon need their own house X'D I really hope I'll like those MSD girls~ I only have one Withdoll MSD girl at the moment, somehow I just struggle with the size ^^;

      I'm definitely loving Pureneemos and Picconeemos a lot this year, it's been fun to take photos of them too :3 Sometimes it's fun to just look at other people's photos even though you don't have the specific dolls yourself. For me Pullips, Monster Highs and many fashion dolls are like that - I enjoy watching them, but don't have plans to get any myself.

      It would be amazing to visit Japan! I've been dreaming about it for years and maybe finally the time is right ^^ New York would be awesome one day too~ Hope you get to visit there some day! ♥

  5. Your arrival list is as long as mine! Except with different doll lines.

    I think you've achieved quite a bit this year. I know you say you didn't do a lot of sewing but the stuff you have posted to the blog have been really good and sewing does take a lot of time! And I've really enjoyed your photos that you've posted here. So thanks for sharing those with us!

    Good luck for Undine in 2016 and hopefully you will be able to go on that Japan trip.

    1. Oh cool! It'd be great to see a post like this from you too :)

      Maybe it's the perfectionism in me that's saying I haven't done enough ^^; I have been quite happy with everything I've done though, so it was still a good year! Thank you for your sweet comments~ ♥

      I really hope I can get Undine and also make that Japan trip happen! ^3^

  6. I think you took a lot of beautiful photos! And wow, those are a lot of dolls too! I didn't knew you ordered those two Souldoll Kids (Aehael is stunning!) so I hope you get them soon, and that you will bond with them!

    Also, best wishes with the Japan trip, I hope you can make it! :D And good luck with Undine too! Wish you can find the perfect sculpt!

    1. Oh thank you ^w^ I haven't talked much about Aehael and Junia anywhere, since poor girls don't even have names yet... But I'm really hoping that I'll bond with them!

      It would be so awesome to visit Japan! Bringing Undine home finally would be great too~ I have one sculpt picked for her, but I've been keeping my eye on new releases in case something even more fitting comes up...

  7. Haha if you are lazy then I'm inactive ;P
    I think you've been doing so many awesome photoshoots and gotten so many awesome new dollies you should feel proud of yourself ^^
    I love that you've ordered the two newest SoulDoll MSDs. I'm not an MSD person myself, but I'm super excited to hear your oppinion when you receive them. :D They look absolutely gorgeous on the promos.
    And can I just say how envious I am of you guys that you're waiting on a SoulDoll Oscal? If he wasn't 75cm and demanding his own universe (in my collection), I'd also have ordered him already I'm afraid XD' Now I get a chance to see some owner pics before I press the 'order' button :D (guess who is on my 2016 wish list) XD'
    I love love LOVE the photos you take of your dollies - and I hope to see more in 2016 :D
    Also, if possible, come join the Jointed Hearts convention if possible? I'd love to talk dollies irl with you! ;D
    Do you have any idea about a sculpt for Undine? Or are you going to make something yourself perhaps? Like a hybrid or something? :3

    1. Aww thanks so much for your sweet words ; 3 ;
      I'm looking forward to getting the Souldoll girls home and will be sharing my thoughts on them~ I only have one MSD at home at the moment (Withdoll girl), so it'll feel quite weird to suddenly receive not one but TWO dolls in that size, hahah X'D

      Sarg recently asked Souldoll and they should send her Oscal sometime during this month~ I'm sure she'll be spamming photos of him everywhere once he gets here and I definitely want to make a blog post about him too, he's my character after all ;D Hope the owner pictures will help you decide if you want to bring him home as well! ♥

      We'll see about Jointed Hearts convention! It's not so far away, so it might be possible depending on when it is and if we don't have anything other planned at the time :) It would be amazing to be there though!

      Well, I definitely want Undine to be on Iplehouse's nYID body with glamour bust ;3 As for faces, I'm currently set on Rexy, though I've been keeping an eye on Iple's new releases as well in case they release something that'd be even a better fit. At some point there were rumors that Iplehouse is working on a SD-sized mermaid, but haven't heard anything from that... I'm prepared to make the mermaid tail myself, most likely from fabric, but it would be awesome to try out sculpting too! We'll see :3

    2. I'm sure your new girls will be gorgeous! :D
      Any ideas for their characters yet?

      Uh! That is a really excited plan for Undine! Iplehouse haven't released as much in the last couple of months, I wonder why that is. Hope they bring out more this year :D They should definitely make new nYIDs soon! ^0^/

    3. Awww thanks! I do hope so :D I'm still working on their characters... I'll probably make a blog post on them later once I have everything figured out :3

      Iplehouse had that Christmas event, so they probably didn't want to release any new dolls at the time so that there won't be too much delay on the orders. I'm looking forward to what they come up with this year though!

  8. Oon kyllä samaa mieltä muiden kanssa: kaikkea muuta kuin laiska olet ollut! :)

    Ja omalta osaltani vielä suurkiitos miitteihin kutsumisesta! Oman nukkevuoteni 2015 paras muisto onkin juuri nuo miitit. Harrastus sai kyllä ihan uuden ulottovuuden niistä! :3

    Oih, Japani! ;3; ♥

    1. Ehkä sitä tulee katsottua omia tekemisiä jotenkin liian kriittisin silmin ja vertailtua turhaan, että miten edellisinä vuosina on mennyt ^^;

      Nää meidän pikkumiitit on kyllä olleet todella mukavia ja aivan loistavaa, kun sinäkin innostuit tulemaan mukaan! ♥ Ollaan aika taidokkaasti taidettu saada sinut innostumaan noista hartsisista nukeista ;3

  9. Interesting year you've had Safir. If I had taken half as many photos as you I'd be pleased with myself, and we have enjoyed them all!

    Hope this coming year brings all you've wished for.

    1. Thank you! I guess we're always our own worst critic in everything ^^; I've definitely had so much fun this year and been happy with most of the things I've done, somehow I just find myself wishing that I've done more!

      Hope this year will be good for you too :)

  10. Wow you got a lot of those Neemos, when they are all listed :D But they are all cute and I'm enjoying the photos you've taken of them, so keep them coming! And Happy New Year! ~♥

    1. Oh yes, the Neemos definitely took over the house ^^; I hope that this year there won't be so many new residents...

      Happy New Year! ♥

  11. I think it's safe to say it was a good year, no? :)♥

    1. Yes, I do think it was a good year ^^ Lots of fun was had and that's the most important thing for me in this hobby~

  12. Vau, :D minusta olet ollut kaikkea muuta kuin epäaktiivinen. :) Tietenkin jos olet tottunut tekemään paljon enemmän se tuntuu vähän hiljaiselta mutta onhan se hyvä joskus vähän pitää taukoakin. :) Täytyy sanoa, että olen todella ihastunut noihin pieniin söpöihin Neemoihin vai mitä ne nyt onkaan, olet yhtä hyvä tartuttamaan kiinnostusta kuin Elina ja kumppanit. (haha xD <3) :) Hyvää uutta vuotta sinulle ja Sargille.

    1. Ihan totta tuo, että joskus on hyvä pitää vähän taukoakin! Sitä helposti vaan tosiaan alkaa pohtimaan miten aktiivisesti kuvasi edellisvuosina ja siihen verrattuna kuvaaminen tuntui jäävän kovin vähäiseksi! Pitäisi kaiketi vaan koittaa olla välittämättä tällaisista ajatuksista :D

      Nämä Neemot (niin pienet kuin vähän isommatkin) ovat kyllä valloittaneet meidän sydämet ihan totaalisesti ja niiden parissa on ollut mukava puuhastella sitä sun tätä~ Täytyy pyytää sinutkin joskus miittailemaan, jotta saadaan Elinan ja muiden kanssa tartutettua Azone-kuume kunnolla sinuunkin ;)

      Hyvää uutta vuotta sinnekin! ^^