April 5, 2015

Easter with The Neemos, pt.1

Sarg came over to visit for the Easter holidays and brought along some Hello Kitty, My Little Pony and Minnie Mouse themed chocolate eggs that she wanted to hide somewhere in the house, so I could search for them :''D Even though we're already grown-ups, it's sometimes fun to look back to childhood and think about all the happy memories~ One of these is the Easter tradition of hiding and seeking chocolate eggs XD Both of us remember that every year our parents bought some Easter eggs and hid them somewhere for us to find, it was so much fun! And this Easter we wanted to try this out together ♥

Of course, our Azones wanted to be a part of this fun "game" and act as the guides along the way :3 It would've been quite impossible (or at least time-consuming..) to find anything without these little guides, Sarg had chosen such difficult hiding places hahah XD

I took some photos just for fun and to capture the memory, these are by no means the greatest quality or anything ^^; This was also like practice on how to take photos in every dark corner of the house X''D

The first Neemo that I found was Shiori! She was sitting on my parents' bed and pointing towards the corner of the room... With her peace sign hand ^^;; I search the top of a cabinet first since it felt like the most obvious place to hide something, but I was wrong and didn't find anything >3< Then Sarg gave me another tip and I crouched...

And then I saw Miyuki hiding between the cabinet and a suitcase XDD First egg found yaaay~ This was one of the most difficult places to take a photo of since it was a completely dark corner... Had to use the flash to get anything of her to show up ^^;

Good job, Miyuki! ♥ She had this Minnie Mouse egg~ We already opened these and the surprise inside was actually a tiny Minnie Mouse, perfect toy figure for my Picconeemos XD

My journey continued to the kitchen...

...Where I found Ginny on the table :3 I searched and searched, but I couldn't find another Neemo with the egg ;__; Then Sarg told me to look up... At first I looked at the lamp, but then I looked the other way over the window and bingo! XD

It's Mimi! And a Hello Kitty egg x3 (My mom has these amazing lemon curtains in the kitchen hahah...)

After this I circled around a little bit before finding the next Neemo...

Harumi was standing at my brother's room's door, pointing inside XD 

Ginny was sitting on the walk-in closet door's knob, so it was obvious that I should search from inside there! This one was so difficult, since the closet is stuffed with things and there were many hiding places for a little Neemo >3<

Hahah when I looked up, I saw Nanami on one of the top shelves XDD

I asked Sarg had she hidden something downstairs as well and she said yes, so that's where I headed next...

On my way down the stairs, I found Reika

And after getting downstairs I saw Molly hanging from the refrigerator door X''D I looked to the corner between the wall and the refrigerator, but there was no one hiding there... Oh noes, is someone INSIDE the refrigerator??!

..... ^^;;; Miu, I should've known... Glad that I found you XD (Beer belongs to my dad :'D)

Next, I saw Clara in front of the TV! Sarg hinted that this one is quite difficult, so somehow I just knew right away where to look...

...Found you Nia! ♥ She was hiding under the TV table X'D (And apparently, so was one of my dog's toys...)

Then I went back upstairs and Sarg said that there was still one hiding spot left. I checked the hallway since I hadn't looked from there yet and it seemed that one of the Neemos had gotten rather tired while waiting... ^^;

Hey, wake up, Alisa!! 

Oh so this is what you were doing before falling asleep? Downstairs from the other stairs...

And Hotaru was there as well, I was getting closer to the last hiders! *3*

Yaaay found them! Yui and Kokoro from the storage's door knob XD

All six eggs found and all Neemos rescued! After this we put posed everyone together for a fun group photo that I could use as an Easter card XD

I also have some more "official" Easter photos of our Neemos that we took today, but there are so many to choose from and I also don't want this post to get too long or messy, so I'll save them for the next post, which will be the second part of "Easter with the Neemos" hihih XD I'm hopefully going to post it tomorrow, if I have the time and energy to go through all of the photos.

Happy Easter everyone~! ♥


  1. Hauska postaus ^^ Muistan itekin, kun lapsena metsästi noita pääsiäismunia. Se oli kyllä parasta! Hyvää pääsiäistä!

    1. Hihi, kiitos! ♥ Neemot on juuri kivoja tällaiseen pieneen hassutteluun x3 Kummasti piristi päivää tämmöinen "munajahti", vaikka jonkun silmissä saattaisikin näyttää ihan naurettavalle XD

  2. Happy easter!!!! That looks like a lot of fun, though I'm not sure if Sarg is a master of hiding eggs or you are not so great finding them on your own XD!! lol jk
    So many dolls!! Hope the chocolate was yummy :)

    1. Thank you~ It definitely was a lot of fun! And yeah, Sarg picked so difficult places to hide the eggs, it was surprisingly hard to find them even with these little helpers X''D I loooove chocolate in general and all of these had really great taste too ♥ My favorite was the Hello Kitty one, it had half milk chocolate and half white chocolate :3

  3. Hih, näyttivät hauskalta! <3 Eipä tee pieni nukeilla leikkiminen pahaa meille aikuisillekaan :D

    1. Yay kiva kuulla <3 Ja joo, onkin tullut puhuttua että tällainen pieni leikkiminen tuntuu tosiaan olevan mielelle hyväksi XD ♥

  4. Ihana neemojen ja munien etsintä :) Tosi kiva lisä tuo, että neemot olivat vinkkeinä ympäriinsä xD.

    1. Kiitos :) Oli kyllä hauska yhdistää Neemoset tähän etsintään ja kummasti noista oli apuakin, tai sitten oon vaan yleisesti niin käsi löytämään mitään X''D

  5. Niin ihania pikkuisia nukkeja, kyllä sinulla! Todella hauska tämä postaus ♡
    Nuo sinun nukkesi ovat niin suloisen näköisiä, etsiessään suklaamunia ^^ Ja vielä pakko sanoa tuohon loppukuvaan, että on kyllä niin kauniita neemoja (* 3 *)~ ♡

    1. Kiitoksia kovasti, mukava kuulla että postaus oli sinusta hauska ja että tykkäät näistä Neemosista~ ♥ Nämä nuket tuo niin paljon iloa ja hyvää mieltä itselle, että yritän edes vähän saada sitä jaettua kuvien kautta muillekin ^^

  6. Yay! We had the same tradition in my hometown when I was young x3~~
    This seems like such a cool idea, I'd like to try this game with my friends as well. All the girls giving clues is sooo adorable!!

    1. Yaaay!! ^w^ I guess this is not necessarily a tradition in every family here in Finland, I have some friends that have searched for eggs during Easter D:

      You should try it too!! It doesn't even have to be related to Easter, you could just hide some sweets and look for them :)

  7. I hope you and Sarg both had fun Easter holidays! :3 At least, looking at this post it really seems like you had tons of fun hunting the eggs (and Sarg hiding them!)! ^3^ I really love the pics, Neemos are so expressive! They really look like they are signaling for you to find the chocolate-y treasure!

    We had this tradition too. I remember when we were little, meand my sister couldn't find all the eggs and our parents didn't always remember where they had hidden them either. So it wasn't that uncommon to find chocolate eggs hidden in our house all through the year. x'D

    I think it's ok to have an Easter egg hunt even though you've grown up... and that goes for other playful things that are usually considered to be for kids only. Life would be boring if you didn't have fun and play every now and then! :)

    1. We sure did have fun, thank you!! ^^ I love how expressive Neemos can be, it makes them so much fun to photograph and make little stories~

      Hahaha that sounds so fun X'D My parents usually hid the eggs in the most obvious places, like under the pillows or almost the middle of the floor lol...

      It really does feel like having a child-like mind takes away some of the stress and worries that come from being an adult! :) I can't even imagine how boring my life would be without dolls, figures and all other cute stuff... Without dolls, I wouldn't even have met Sarg!