April 13, 2015

Visiting Pet Expo with some friends

I had a super fun Sunday with Sarg, Tiinyan and Elina! We visited Pet Expo, the largest pet event/fair in Finland that was held during Saturday and Sunday :3 With the same entry ticket we were also able to visit the other fairs that were held at the same time, including ones for crafting and miniature stuff! We went there right when the doors opened at 9am and there weren't that many people yet, but only an hour or so later the place was already quite crowded...

Beware for a huge photo spam ^^; I tried to select "just a few" photos, but there were still so many and I just couldn't leave out any of these, sniff...

We started our "tour" from the cats~ They had a some sort of cat show and also exhibitors to introduce many different breeds. It was fun to see how different sizes the cats were, some were so tiny and some were just huuuuge, like bigger than my dog! X'D 

That white one looks like a real life Hello Kitty!

Next there was the dog section. There were only a few exhibitors and sellers, I think the dog show for some breeds took the biggest space from the hall... ^^; I couldn't find any souvenirs for my dog and we didn't spend that much time browsing the dog stuff, but I did stop at one booth for a little moment...

Shetland Sheepdogs, the dog breed of my life ♥ These two were such cuties~

Then there were many reptiles, frogs, spiders (ugh...) and insects. I'm arachnophobic so I didn't enjoy being near this place at all, I was constantly fearing that a huge tarantula would jump on my head or something >___<;; I did see someone holding that thing on his hand and I was like two meters away... Snakes and lizards I do like and wish that there had been more of them, there were only a few of each :/

Some lovely birds! The one on right was born on the same year as me, I can't believe how old these birds can live! D: They seem so intelligent too, just gorgeous creatures~

They also had a funny example of what kind of destruction birds can do... It says "the result of cockatoos' door repair" XDD 

Moving on to some bunnies and some little rodents~

I think this one was my favorite from the bunnies, so cuuute and such beautiful coloring! ♥

There were also some hamsters, but they were naturally sleeping hidden since it was day time ^^; So I just took a photo of these "Cheek pouch" magazines on their booth. I really love hamsters, they're definitely my favorites from all these little critters~

Most of the rats were peacefully sleeping as well~ It's so funny how they can sleep in such weird positions X'D

I think we spent the most time hanging around the ferrets~ ♥ I've had this huge ferret fever for a couple of years now and I'm really interested in finding out more about them... I'm still not sure whether they're exactly the type of pets that would be the best for me especially, but I do love them and would love to have one (or two...) someday if possible ;___; We'll see... For now I'm just going to gather more information and torture myself with all the cute ferret photos and videos on the Internet XD

Ferret agility XD This guy wasn't in the mood for the exercise, it seemed to be more interested sniffing around its surroundings ...

This guy was sleeping very peacefully even though there was a huge crowd and loud noises everywhere...

Shirts with the text "I'm a ferret... What is your excuse?" XD These were so cute! (especially the pink one, surprise...) 

A cute shy hedgehog ;3;

Then we went to the arts & crafts fair. There were many crafting supplies, fabrics and also people selling self-made crafts, like jewelry, clothes/accessories and plushies. There was so much cute stuff, but somehow we managed to control ourselves and not buy anything! XD

I didn't really take photos since I felt like it would be a bit rude to just snag photos of everything and not buy anything... But I had to take this one photo of one of my favorite booths, they were selling all kinds of cute food-themed necklaces, earrings, etc. I was really, really tempted to buy one of their lollipop necklaces, but couldn't decide between a few colors, so I ended up not getting anything :(

There was this café with some Monster High dolls as decorations inside a glass wall?? X''D

We also went to Model Expo in hopes of finding some doll-sized stuff there, but all the miniature stuff seemed more like directed towards boys ^^;; There were guns, helicopters, boats, cars, trains... All kinds of stuff XD

They had built a huge scene with Legos...

A princess castle made of Legos! I think this was the only girly thing out there lol...

We spent around 4 hours walking around the exhibition halls and then decided to go outside to take a few photos of the dolls that we had with us :) The weather broadcasts had predicted some rain for the day, but luckily it was still a beautiful weather while we took the photos.

Group shot! Can you see the animal theme we had? ;3

Elina's Aika (+ "Pasi the Bunny" X'D), Sarg's Aika and Tiinyan's Lien ♥

On left: Tiinyan's Himeno ♥ It was great to see this cutie in person~ (My Rabbit Himeno is currently in our post office, I should go fetch the package later today!)
On right: Elina's Cheshire Aika wearing the outfit from Rabbit Himeno! It outfit was just so gorgeous in person wow! *3* And "Pasi" (sorry, looks like I named him...) was such an adorable little bunny~

Clara hold "Pasi the City Bunny from Pasila" for a moment! :3 Oh and she got this lovely butterfly wing hairband from Sarg~

Thank you for the lovely company, had so much fun again! ♥ Looks like the weather is getting warmer fast, so hopefully we can do that picnic meetup soon ;3; Hope Janina and Spica will be able to join us next time as well~

Hope you all enjoyed the photos :) Have a great week!


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful day! I love all the animal pictures you took x33~~ I'm also a huge fan of pets, with the exception of spiders... and cockroaches! (since I moved to China T_T;;;)

    1. Sure did! :3 And great to hear you enjoyed the animal pictures~ I love all kinds of pets too, except those spiders >3< Sarg actually fell in love with a cockroach they displayed there hahah. Somehow they don't seem that bad in a terrarium, but I would hate to see them in the nature or inside the house... So happy that we don't have that problem here in Finland ; . ;

    2. The roaches are so big here they seem quite good as pets. (5cm+!) but I try to keep them out of my house at least.. Yeah that's the trouble with tropical areas I guess xO xO

      I wouldn't mind having a cute hedgehog though like that adorable shy one in your photo! x3

    3. Yikes, that's big!! OxO I remember seeing a small one once when I was visiting the Canary Islands with my parents... It was a huge jump scare for me hahah XD

      Oh yes hedgehogs are super adorable! ♥

  2. Oli kyllä tosi kiva reissu ^^ Itekin ihmettelin mihin kaikki koirat oli kadonneet, kun silloin lemmikkimeissuilla niitä oli vaikka mitä rotuja näytillä ja koiratavaraa oli ihan tuhottomasti. Samoin oli enemmän noita matelijoita (esim. vauvakäärmeitä ja gekkoja oli pakasterasioissa esillä yks pöytä ihan täynnä)... Ehkä nää messut painotti sitten enemmän kissoja ja pupuja ja ihmisen jälkeläisiä ^^;

    1. Niin oli ^^ Jännä kuulla jos oli noinkin isoja eroavaisuuksia näitten kahden välillä! Tietty varmaan riippuu ihan siitä, että mitkä yhdistykset/myyjät sun muut ovat halunneet lähteä mukaan, voi olla että tää ihmisjälkeläis-tapahtuma kyljessä jonkin verran latisti innostusta myös X''D (Se tohina siellä lapsimessujen puolella oli ihan hullua...)

  3. Oi, tulipa ihania kuvia, kiitos vielä kivasta päivästä! Fretit olivat ihan supersympaattisia lötköpötkylöitä <3

    1. Joo olin ihan yllättynyt miten kivasti moni kuva onnistui vaikka piti manuaalitarkennuksen kanssa pelleillä ja koittaa olla nopea, etenkin frettien kanssa XD Mutta superkiva päivä oli tosiaan, kiitoksia sinnekin! ♥