April 9, 2015

Double package day~

I got two packages in the mail today ^w^ One of them was from Mandarake, containing my long-awaited Minami-sensei, and the other was miscellaneous stuff that I've won from Yahoo!Japan.

First, let's take a look at Minami-sensei! ♥ I was so excited about her that my hands were shaking while I opened the package X'D

I don't remember what the Mandarake order page stated as her condition, but it seemed like the package had never been even opened! All the accessories and stuff were untouched in their own little plastic bags...

Here you can already see her pretty, pretty face *w* I love the color of her eyes and hair~

But before I show more photos of the doll itself outside the package, let's look at this cute leaflet that was included:

The cover, Minami-sensei in her swimsuit ♥

These pages show all clothes and accessories that came with the doll! I didn't try on the swimsuit and white jacket yet, but I really love all the stuff she has!

Then there were two pages with some casual outfit ideas~ :3 That cream-colored blouse looks really pretty, if only all the older Azone clothes weren't so hard find... *sigh*

Aand lastly some cute comic strips on the back cover X'D I don't know Japanese that much, so I have no idea what's happening in these...

Then as promised, more photos of Minami-sensei! Or Janna, as I've named her :)

Awww she looks so shy and cute without her glasses ♥♥

This frilly blouse is super adorable, definitely my favorite clothing piece from her default stuff~

With glasses ♥ Suddenly she looks less shy and more mature X'D

I couldn't resist taking a photo of her in this cute underwear set ♥ And yup, as you can see, I opened her hair ^^; I wanted to be able to change her hairstyles and not be limited to just the braid look. I love these flowing beach waves she now has, as all of my other Azones have straight hair! It'll be easy to put her hair back in a braid again if I wanted, or just make a ponytail/pigtails/up-do, etc.

I'm definitely going to buy the L body for Janna soon since I want her to be taller and more mature than the other girls, who are supposed to be her students :3 I just hope that her default clothes will still fit...

Yeah, I don't know what else to say... I'm just really, really happy to have this grail girl at home~ ♥


Then moving on to the Y!J stuff... You could call this my March loot from Y!J, since these were all purchased throughout March from different sellers. So nope, I didn't buy these all on just one day X'D

In case you haven't noticed, I've gotten hooked on Re-ments and miniature stuff and wanted to start collecting more furniture etc. to be able to create nice room dioramas for my Azones~ Since I have many food related Re-ments, I figured it'd be the easiest to start from kitchen :)

So here's all that I've managed to get so far: (pink!) refrigerator, cabinet, coffee maker, toaster, microwave, rise cooker and water boiler! Since this post mainly focuses on Janna, I didn't take more photos of these for now... But there'll be more in the future, at least once I get more stuff for my kitchen diorama and can take some photos with the dolls :)

There's also a Picconeemo sized school uniform, which is a long sold out item that seems hard to find unless you want to pay like double the original price... But I got this for lower than the original price, so I'm really happy *3* Now I need to find another one of this uniform, either in this or the black color, so that all of my three Picco girls have their own uniforms ♥

I also took a quick picture of Sarg's Aika, Oboro :3 We won her as a nude doll in Y!J auction back in March 13th, but there were some problems with the seller of the refrigerator and we had to wait a few weeks for it to arrive to the shopping service in order to get everything shipped together u_u But at least I'm glad that everything arrived safely in the end! I'm sure Sarg will take more pics of Obo once she has some clothes :)

My March Amiami order (with Rabbit Himeno!!) is currently in the customs and I just paid for the custom fees earlier today, but it looks like she won't make it here before the weekend >3< I hate it if I need to wait over a weekend until Monday before I get my packages grrr... But oh well, at least I know I'll be home for sure on Monday when they deliver the package :)


  1. Onneksi olkoon uutukaisesta! Ihana tuo jakkupuku, haluaisin samanlaisen asun meidän Miolle. <3

    1. Kiitos paljon!! Tää jakku on hirmu söpö tosiaan, jotain vastaavia Azonelta on tainnut olla erikseenkin myytävänä, mutta noita vanhoja vaatteita on tosiaan aika huonosti saatavilla jos ovat ehtineet mennä sold out :/ Kumpa tekisivät lisää!

  2. Ah, ihania asioita <3 Janna on tosi nätti (saipa söpöt kiharatkin ^^) ja tuo keittiö oikein vaatii että pitää täyttää se söpöillä Re-ment - ruokajutuilla :D

    1. Kiitos kiitos~ ♥ Nää kiharat on kyllä aivan ihanat ;3;

      Itseasiassa mulla onkin jo Rilakkuma Re-ment setti jossa on kaikenmaailman ruokajuttuja ja niillä saa jo kivasti jääkaappia täytettyä :) Tiskipöytää sun muuta vielä kaipailen mutta pikku hiljaa, pikku hiljaa!

  3. Onnitteluuut~! ^o^ Oi vitsi miten söpöltä Janna näyttää hiukset auki! <3

    Toi on kyllä niin ärsyttävää, että pitää jotakin postissa olevaa odottaa viikonlopun yli >_< Ite jännitän parhaillaan, että ehtiikö Smart Dollini kotiin viikonlopuksi vai ei...

    1. Kiitoksiaa! ^o^ Joo tulikin puhuttua tosta Minami-sensei feat hiukset auki ja koitin sen miitin jälkeen itseasiassa etsiskellä kuviakin, mutta hirmu harva tuntuu avanneen tuon hiukset... Ite oon sen verran kova räpeltämään hiuksia ja tykkään väsätä kaikkia kampauksia ja harjailla näitä jne. niin heti oli pakko saada toi letti auki X'D

      Apua mitää, noinko nopeasti se tuli?? O_o Tuntuu kuin olisit vasta tilannut sen ja nyt se onkin jo Suomessa! Ilmeisesti Smart Dollien odotusajat eivät siis ole mitkään huimat? :3 Mutta toivottavasti tyttösi ehtisi ennen vkl kotiin! Jännää~

  4. Oi että ihanien pakettien saaminen on ihan parasta! :D

    1. Ehdottomasti! ♥ Toivottavasti ensi viikolla tulisi yksi lolita-hame postissa~

  5. Aahhh, she's so cute. For some reason I really like the teacher/office lady style outfit ;;;;;;~
    Be careful of those re-ments.. they are EVIL! -casually hides her 5 boxes filled with re-ments-

    1. Thank you ^^ Oh yes I love the teach outfit as well~ I really wish there would be more Azone outfits like this!
      Re-ment are definitely evil hahah, such cute and addicting stuff ^^;