November 20, 2014

Luts Gretel elf box opening~

My Luts Tiny Delf Gretel elf FINALLY arrived today!! She was shipped exactly 2 weeks ago, so this was quite a long waiting for an EMS package u.u I was getting so worried that she might've been lost or stolen, since the tracking didn't update at all after the flight dispatched... But apparently it was just some typical pre-Christmas delay or something.

I ordered Lili in real skin brown, which is the lightest tan skin that Luts offers :) I'd never seen Luts' tan skin in person, only in photos, so I wasn't sure if I was making the right choice, but now I do think that this was indeed the best choice~

This box is super adorable ♥♥ I had seen what the Tiny Delf box look like in other Tiny Delf box opening, but somehow I didn't remember it at all and it kinda surprised me XD If that makes any sense lol...

A bunch of cards of Luts dolls :)

 The certificate ♥

Here she is, and isn't she adorable ;____; It was an instant bonding from the moment I first looked at her... This is my first doll ever in this size and I immediately fell in love, she most likely will want a friend in the same size sometime in the future X'D

Here she is with her own wig and eyes~ She look like a little mushroom hahah XD

I also ordered these "Yay" hands for her~ I have an addiction to this hand sign XD If I buy a doll which has these available as an option, I must get them every time...


+ Extra photo:
My lovely assistant keeping me company XD She always wants to be a part of everything I do, including box openings... She just lays there and watches what I do, making funny "Mommy, not another doll..." faces if I look back at her XD

That's it for the box opening, welcome to the family, Lili! ♥

I'll be going to Sarg's place for the weekend, lots of doll photos and stuff ahead~ And I get to play Thief again yaaaaay


  1. Congratulations on getting Lili home safely! I'm always mad with worry when something gets delayed in the mail. Dx
    She's cute as a button~ And those "yay"-hands... ahh, can't handle the cuteness! x'3 I'd really like to get one of the Tiny Delf centaurs...

    My Bory is real skin brown and I think that's one of the prettiest tan-colored resins there is. :3

    Your doggy-assistant is so beautiful... I love dogs and I really hope I'll be able to get my own next spring. :)

    1. Thanks so much~
      My love for the Tiny Delfs began with those centaurs as well! I wasn't too keen on the human eared ones, but after seeing the centaurs I fell in love with their cute elf ears ;3; For a moment I thought about buying a centaur, but somehow I didn't feel so inspired about creating a character for it, so I decided to pass :/ But I'm happy now that they're offering the elves as humans and as basic!

      Yes this skin color is definitely gorgeous <3

      I really love dogs as well~ Tea is 10 years old already, but she's still like a little puppy <3 Oh do you have a specific dog breed you like and would like to get? Maybe a mittelspitz? ;3

    2. You're welcome! :3 I'm going back and forth if centaurs are my thing or not... but if I'd get a centaur, the Tiny Delf ones would definitely be an option.
      And you're right about the elf-ears!

      Well, I've considered lots of dog breeds, but yeah, my main options at the moment are pomeranian, kleinspitz and mittelspitz. (Haha, not just because Aoba has a little spitz-type dog and I'm a DMMd-fan, I've considered poms and kleinspitzes long before that ;)

      I've looked up some promising breeders that have pups coming next spring. :3
      Originally I was going to get a Finnish lapphund but perhaps it would be wiser to get a smaller dog as I live in an apartment building and my apartment is not that big. I also want an active dog because I'd like to try agility (not in a competitive way, just for fun) and other dog sports.

      Spitz-type dogs and herding dogs are my favorite breeds. I used to have a cairnterrier and she was cute too but now I want to see what owning a different type of dog is like. :3

      (...ah sorry once I start talking about dogs there is no end to it x'3 )

    3. Great dog breed choices! I love all those breeds as well, but shelties stole my heart XD They're great for agility and other dog sports too :) I do recommend checking the breed out, it sounds like it might fit your circumstances!

      (And I definitely don't mind talking about dogs at all! ^^)

  2. She's very cute - love her Tinkerbell wig!

    1. Thank you ^^ This wig style is so adorable~

  3. Congrats on the arrival! That tan is definitely gorgeous and works so well with all pastel colours :3

    1. Thank you~ It really is ;3; And pastel colors were a must for this little one, hehe~ She's going to be very sugary, which is fun considering that she's a tooth fairy XD

  4. The tan color is super pretty! it looks super soft and delicious XD!
    Tiny delfs are the cutest, congrats on the arrival, she's really a cutie! And those hands are pure love <3

    1. It surely is~
      Thanks so much! I'd been keeping my eye on Latis as well, but somehow I liked Tiny Delfs more :)