December 18, 2014

Cruise and Victoria's Secret shop!!

Me and Sarg went on a Stockholm cruise with Sarg's father, it was sort of a Christmas present from him to us :3 We had great time! This is not exactly doll/figure related, but I hope you won't mind if I also make these "life-style" kind of posts once in a while? ^^;

(Some of the photos are taken with my iPhone, thus the bad quality...)

First I need to say that there is this beautiful sea-themed painting made by Sarg on the ship!! If you ever get a chance to visit Viking Grace, make sure to check it out ;3

This is where the painting is located~

And second... For the thing we both were probably the most excited about in the cruise, the Victoria's Secret shop!! ♥ We've never visited one before, so it was an awesome experience. All the stuff was super pretty and even though the shop was really small, we spent a lot of time walking around in there trying to decide what to buy XD I wish I would've taken a photo of the shop, it was so gorgeous~ Here's hoping they will someday open a Victoria's Secret shop in Finland!

Back in the cabin with our haul... I loooove the shopping bag design ♥ I asked if I could get their smallest version of the bag as well (my purchases are in the big one) and luckily the salesperson was very kind and let me have that extra bag XD I hope it's not too big to use for dolls... o3o

I was hoping to find a new makeup bag and I did! ^^ There were a couple of choices that I was torn between, but in the end I went with this striped one that reminded me of the shopping bag design that I love so much~ I also really liked the shape of this one and it also included that smaller bag where I can put some essential stuff and take it along in my purse :3

I also fell in love with one of their fragrance mists (Pure Seduction, scent with red plum and freesia) and was going to purchase one when I noticed that they were just putting these gift sets of the same scent into the shelf! The price was almost the same, but it included fragrance mist, shower gel and body lotion, so I picked this one ♥

I've been using the body lotion a lot already, as a hand cream XD My hands get dry very easily, especially during the winter, but I often find the "real" hand creams hard to use during the day since they're so creamy/oily and take a lot of time to absord into the skin :/ I prefer using body lotions~

And then, here's Sarg's haul XD She first fell in love with that black bag with pink sequins, which was offered as a free gift for purchases over €75. We combined our purchases so that we'd qualify for the bag, Sarg also got that leopard one to reach the required amount XD

What did you think of this post, did you enjoy reading it?
Would you like to see more posts like this or should I stick with the doll stuff? XD

I have so many other posts (this time doll related hahah) that I need to make, so prepare for spam during the next few days ^^;


  1. That's a very nice painting!! how did it end up in the ship? :o
    There's no Victoria's Secret here either. There's some news about one opening but I don't know how true is that, the black and pink bag is so amazing and so is your make up bag! I think those 2 are my favorite things.
    It was fun to read, life isn't all about dolls :D!!!

    1. It really is~ A couple of years ago Sarg used to be in an upper-secondary school that specialises in visual arts and they made paintings about the protection of the Baltic Sea for a contest. Sarg won and they wanted to place her painting on the ship :)

      Yeah I really hope they'd open a shop somewhere near... Not like my wallet would like that though, already crying because of the doll hobby X'D

      Great to hear that! XD

  2. Oh, how cool about Sarg's painting! I've been to Grace once but didn't visit that bar... next time I go, I'll have to go check the painting out. :)

    Um.. Victoria's Secret... slightly not my thing, but I still enjoyed this post! And those shopping bags sure are cute~ :) I would definitely like to read about things other than dolls and life-style posts too~ ^^

    1. Neither of us drinks or anything, so it was a fun situation to walk into the bar when all the staff greeted us and everything and then we just took a couple of pictures of the painting and got away from there X'D

      Glad to hear that you still liked the post ^^ I now have more confidence about posting other things than dolls and figures~