December 23, 2014

Neemo-full Christmas!!

Me and Sarg met today to exchange our Christmas gifts and I was so curious to see what Sarg will think of her present that I wanted her to open it right away instead of waiting until tomorrow...

This was my present for her, Azone Pure Neemo Miu ♥ Sarg loves the Miu face (especially my little Picco Neemo Miu XD) and had wanted one, so I decided to buy this little cutie for her after seeing it for Christmas sale x3 This is probably the cutest version of her too, that super cute hairstyle and the gothic lolita look awww ♥♥ Sarg was really happy about little Miu, named Miyuki, so I'm really happy too~ I'll be getting a big Miu sometime next spring too (once the pre-order is released), we already agreed that she's going to be Miyuki's big sister x3

Aaaand just as I was leaving home to meet Sarg, a mailman delivered another doll... She is NiaAzone Chiika, my Christmas present for myself lol XD I've been dreaming of the Kinoko Juice version, but I haven't managed to find one without a ridiculously high price... But one day I did come across this Majokko Little Witch of the Heart version which was surprisingly cheap (it was missing the coat from the outfit) and I just had to save her and bring her home ;___; I do not regret my decision, she's absolutely adorable and I don't mind having an "incomplete" fullset. I wouldn't mind having an army of Chiikas lol, definitely one of my Azone face favorites >:3 

I didn't have time to take a box opening since I was in a hurry to make it to the bus, I just took the doll out of the box and put her in my bag XD I wanted to show her to Sarg and also take a few quick snapshots with Miu.

So here the girls are together, Miyuki and Nia x3 I love it how their outfits/styles match so nicely and they look like best friends~ These are no quality photos since we were in a shopping center and had just cell phones with us XD Just wanted to have a little memory of their arrival~

Selfie!! XD

And here are Sarg's Azone girls together~

Tomorrow I'll be posting a little photoshoot that I took for Christmas, so I won't wish you a Merry Christmas just yet! ;3 I entered a few photos of the same shoot to Soom's Christmas photo contest, the results will be released tomorrow...


  1. Cute! Miu is my favorite girl too :3 Her eyes are so gentle looking.

    1. She really does have that gentle look in her eyes x3 And I also like her mouth a lot~ She looks so cheerful and happy ♥

  2. Good luck with SOOM contest!! I didn't even participate because I wass feeling lame x(!!
    Azones are so cute, I definitelly try to get one some day, when I'm in a bigger place. Such a lovely present for Sarg~
    I will wait for tomorrow to wish you merry christmas then :)
    Oh and congrats on the nwe arrival!

    1. Thank you!! There were many great participants (Soom posted a combilation of the contest works on their FB) and I'm definitely not expecting to win or anything, but it's still exciting to wait for the results >////<

      Hope you'll get Azone too! These little ones bring so much happiness~ (Not that BJDs don't, but these have a huge dose of happiness...)