December 25, 2014

Doll year 2014

This year is soon ending, so I wanted to look back and summarize what dolls I've gotten/sold during this year and what kind of thoughts I have about this year. Maybe a boring post full of rambling, but at least this will give me some kind of a memory that'll be fun to look back to in the end of next year!

This post only consist on my doll purchases/plans, I think I will make a separate post for what kind of other plans/goals I have for 2015 than buying dolls XD

• Arrivals:

Soom SO Cuprit bronze (ordered in 2013)
Soom MD Captain Hook (ordered in 2013)
Loongsoul snail NiuNiu (ordered in 2013)
Soom MD Lucky
Iplehouse SID Stella
Iplehouse EID Aurora
Soom FL Nelen (second-hand)
Doll Chateau Faramita
Soom MD Chici
Soom FL Asis (second-hand)
Luts TDF Gretel elf
Iplehouse nYID Mari
Paper Sakura Group Ruby & Sapphire

This was a really good year~ I was able to cross many dolls off my wishlist and also get some of my long-time grails, like bronze Soom Cuprit and Soom Asis ^3^ There were many non-planned surprise dolls (limiteds </3) that killed my wallet, but they all found their place and character in the story and are very much loved, so I don't care X'D I'm happy to say that there are no regrets for this year!

This was also the year that I finally started collecting Azones, after being able to resist them for a couple of years XD I have at least one more coming next year (a pre-order) and one that I'm currently keeping an eye on and hoping to be able to get. After that, I think I have enough Azones for a while and can concentrate on giving them some clothes... Unless there are some irresistible new releases or Kinoko Juice Chiika pops up for a reasonable price XD

• Ordered, will arrive in 2015:

Souldoll Bella with Justitia's armor

Such a great end for this year! Even though I wasn't planning on getting any more dolls during this year after just getting my nYID Mari home in December, Souldoll trolled me biiig time and this girl definitely was a must-have u__u

• Rehomed:

Soom SO R. Onyx
Fairyland LTF Juri'13
Fairyland Puki Pukisha faceplate

I think these are the only dolls I've sold during this year o_o Which is quite little compared to previous years... I think I'm starting to get better at knowing my doll taste so I know exactly what will work for my plans and characters and thus won't end up regretting some purchases or not bonding with them. I'm quite happy about that since my first years in the hobby felt quite stressful and hard since I had no idea of what kind of dolls I actually liked ^^; Now I feel so much more relaxed and happy about the whole hobby, all dolls in my current crew are very dear to me ♥

• Plans for 2015:

I'm planning not to purchase so many new dolls and focus more on the dolls currently at home. I'm starting to feel like my collection is "complete", meaning that I have shelled most of my characters already and unless there are some impulse buys or other surprises, I just have a few basic dolls on my wishlist that I may or may not get in 2015 :) I think I say this for every year, but I hope doll companies won't surprise me with nice must-have limiteds ^^;

I might order Undine (Iplehouse nYID Rexy) and Eemil (Iplehouse SID Felix) sometime next year, but we'll see. I'm not in a hurry with them, especially as I'm still kind of waiting if Iplehouse releases a sculpt that'd work better for Undine than Rexy :3


  1. You had a great year with your dolls!!! I'm glad that you feel you collection is near complete, and I hope you achieve your goals next year.

    1. Yeah I did! ^^ I'm happy about that as well, now I'll hopefully have more time for focusing on each doll~