December 20, 2014

Review: Knitted goods from GOdolls

I bring another review for you guys, this time of an Etsy shop GOdolls~

GOdolls is located in Madrid, Spain. They make knitted hats and scarves, and also some sewed clothes. They have many different style, color and size options available (from 3-4inch Pukipuki to 10-11inch Blythe, though this may depend on the style you want) and you can also ask for custom orders if you have something special in mind :)

Besides general styles, they also have a variety of adorable character hats, including Kyubi from Naruto, Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, Minion from Despicable Me, Olaf from Frozen, Moogle from Final Fantasy and Totoro. Do check out their shop for more designs and don't be afraid to ask for a custom design if there's a particular character you'd like a hat of!!

• My experiences

This was my second time ordering from them and both experiences have been very pleasant! The customer service was extremely friendly all the time and I received photos of the finished products when they were ready to be shipped, which I found great :) They've never had any problems with my custom order requests either, all the products I've received have been perfect size and quality!

I first contacted Alexandra on October 22nd and asked if she could make a scarf and a custom size hat to fit my Soom Chici, whose head is a little bit smaller than Pukipuki's. It took a couple of days for us to discuss all the details and for her to find the yarn for the scarf, then on October 29th I sent the payment. Despite having a medical surgery and needing to rest, she tried to work really hard on her orders and finished mine in around 5 weeks. There may have been a little delay, but it didn't bother me at all and I completely understand due to her situation!

On December 5th she showed me a picture of the finished order and said that she'd be able to ship them on the following Tuesday. I received the package exactly one week later. Since the shop is in the EU, shipping was really cheap, fast and there was no need to fear the package being caught by the customs :3

This time my order included a 3-color striped hat and a matching scarf. I was really surprised when I received another hat as a free gift!! Alexandra did tell me that she'll include a little present for the delay, but I definitely wasn't expecting another hat ;___; (See how nice the owner of this shop is!)

On left you can see little Chici being all happy about her new hat and scarf, both fit perfectly and I'm especially surprised about how perfectly sized Alexandra managed to get the hat ♥ My faeries are still fighting over who gets to keep the gift hat, but here it's modeled by Sienna XD I really like it on her, so I guess it's hers now...

My dolls are really happy with their hats and I hope to order more in the future as well~
I highly recommend this shop, their products are awesome and the communication is so friendly! ^^

• More pictures of their products

Here are some pictures of GOdolls hats that I have previously ordered ^^

Custom order striped hat with top and earmuff pom poms & Hello Kitty decorations

Fluffy teddy bear hat

Striped hat with top and earmuff pom poms (decorations added by me)

♥ Visit GOdolls ♥
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  1. Voi aww tuota pikku tipua~ :3
    Tilasin kaksi viikkoa sitten samaisesta kaupasta kolme Alpakka hattua. En malta odottaa että ne saapuvat! >u<

    1. Tipu on aina iloinen XD
      Ne alpakkahatut on kyllä supersuloisia, jossain vaiheessa seuraavaksi saattaa sellainen eksyä tilaukseen! Missä väreissä tilasit omasi? :3

  2. Woot, I got the moogle hat and a beat hat for my Lady Alice XD!! they are really well done. I'm waiting for my doll so I can do the review with better photos (it would be boring to have the hats just lying there), her etsy store is great~

    I love all your hat purchases; Chici hat and scarf colors matches her so well *u*

    1. Oooh I love the Moogle hat!! Too bad I don't really have any characters that could wear it, so I'm excited to be able to see yours XD I bet she'll look so cute~

      I'm really happy with the colors I chose for Chihi's hat and scarf ^^ Now I just need to make her more clothes, something that would go along better with her new winter accessories!

  3. Vaalean keltaisena, pinkkinä ja aquamarinena. Keltainen tulee kid delf pojalle ja toiset Angela siskoksille :3