December 19, 2014

Trolled by Souldoll

Guess what just happened... A huuuge doll order happened o_o

You might've already read from Sarg's DeviantArt journal that we were both considering getting Souldoll's newest Tarot series release, Justitia, which has the most awesome SD sized armor and huge movable feather wings. And in the end we DID order, though my plans changed a little bit along the way and I ended up getting another sculpt with the armor XD

Photos © Souldoll

I ordered Bella with the armor+wings and Sarg ordered Justitia with the outfit, armor+wings, shield and lance. Both dolls are white skin with no make up or any blushing/painting :3

We both really fell for the gorgeous armor and Sarg loved the head sculpt as well, but for me she was lacking something and felt more like Sarg's doll than mine, which is why I was a bit unsure if I should pass on the armor as well... Then they released Bella and well, it was instant love XD That was the moment when we both realized that we MUST order these girls!!

Character-wise my girl is called Lanarwen and Sarg's is Sandrian, or just Lana and Sandra like we shorten their names in RP~ They are elf-like creatures and sisters, who are deeply in love with each other... Sandrian is the stronger sister, trained to be a warrior, while Lana is more lady-like, sweet and innocent "daddy's little girl". Sarg has made some sketches of them both and we're really excited to see how our plans will end up working for their doll shells~

Photos © Souldoll

We got a really nice 15% discount due to Souldoll's ongoing winter event, it definitely made the order less hurtful for our wallets hahah XD We'll be paying with layaway as well, which means that it might take a bit longer time for these girls to be manufactured, but we don't mind since we need some time to gather everything ready for them anyway.

These will be our first Zenith girls and among everything else, I'm very excited about the gorgeous body too~ I already have some clothing ideas in mind and can't wait to get to work on them >:3


  1. Oo, saitte minut innostumaan suunnitelmistanne xD. Odotan siis innolla sitten kun nämä teille saapuvat ja miten stailailette jne. Nuo armorit on kyllä jotain niin makeeta. Toivoinkin, että joku sen ostaisi että näkisi omistajakuvia.

    1. Oi, mukava kuulla, kiitoksia x3 Saatan vähän myöhemmin postailla tarkemmin meidän stailaussuunnitelmista~ Tuo hinta hetken aikaa kieltämättä hirvitti, mutta todettiin että näin hienoja armoreita tuskin tulee koskaan näkymään ja tuon joulualen kanssa hinta ei enää tuntunut niin pahalta...

      Ainakaan DoA:n odotushuoneen mukaan näitä ei ole vielä juurikaan tilattu, mutta tässä on kuitenkin vielä tammikuulle aikaa että toivottavasti tilauksia tulee vielä lisää! Olisi mukava päästä näkemään näitä paljon erilaisilla stailauksilla :)

  2. Congrats!! Thats a HUGEEE order >u< so exciting!!
    Bella is stunning, and you can see her teeth *u*
    I love dolls with teeth so much~

    Souldoll is doing a great job in the sculpting department lately, so many gorgeous dolls, specially the big ones, though Isla (soul sweet) looks at me and tells me to buy her everytime I go check their website XD
    I almost did once in fact, but there wasn't any owner pics so ... +_+....

    1. Thanks so much!! ♥ We're really looking forward to getting these two~
      I really love Bella and the teeth are one of the things that caught my eye on her sculpt x3 She kinda made me think of my Sweet Witch, who also has adorable little teeth ; . ; They can make a sculpt look so cute and cute is definitely what I was hoping for my character (which is why Justitia would've been a more challenging sculpt). For me there are sculpts that have teeth which I don't like (like Iplehouse Stella) and some sculpts that have the most adorable teeth (like Bella and Sweet Witch) XD

      They've definitely been going to a better direction! I've still heard some complaints of the sculpts having uneven eyes or stuff like that, but I can't really see anything that would bother me... Awww Isla is super cute! ♥ Too bad that some Souldoll sculpts aren't that popular and it can be hard to find owner pictures :/ But I guess Isla is one of the newer sculpts so hopefully there will be some owner pictures later to help you decide whether you're going to get her or not ;3

  3. Oh yay! \^__^/
    When I first saw pictures of this release, I thought that the armor looked like it had your and Sarg's names on it. ;) It will most definitely look at home in your doll collection~

    Huge congrats on getting them and can't wait to see the dolls~
    I really like Bella's sculpt too... it really is a pity that Souldoll is not so popular among BJD hobbyists. They make awesome dolls.

    1. Awww what a nice thing of you to say! ♥ We definitely got that feeling ourselves too XD It'll be an exciting wait for sure, I just hope I figure out where to put a doll with huge wings like that ^^;

      Thanks so much~ I really hope their company would get more popular :/ But there's so much competition out there... And once you start buying from a specific company, you may find yourself getting hooked and sticking with buying from just one or two companies X'D (Soom and Iplehouse, I'm looking at you...)