December 5, 2014

Little tooth fairy

I took some quick photos of Lili yesterday :3 She's already had her faceup ready for a little while, but I was too lazy/tired to take photos earlier... 

I'm so deeply in love with this doll~ ♥ She's so cute and always brings a smile to my face with all her adorableness! I have a feeling that I might need to get another Tiny Delf as a sister/friend for Lili at some point... >////<

But yeah, like the post title implies, Lili is a tooth fairy :3 Sarg even made some little teeth for her and a little "pouch" where she can keep her collection hahah XD


Lol I don't even...

+Extra with my dog assistant again...
This is how close Tea wants to be while I'm taking photos... It's always the same thing, sometimes I even need to get her to go farther away because her nose or paw is on the photoset X''D

Now I have the weekend off from work, so more time to focus on doll thingies, yay~


  1. She's such a cutie!! and Tea is so pretty!
    Oh and btw, congrats on your iplehouse order, I hope you get it soon :D!

    1. Thank you~
      Hope so! The package is not in the country yet, but hopefully next week :)

  2. Oh, isn't Lili just the sweetest little thing! x3 I love her face-up, looks really good on her. I like it how you can add so much pink in the pictures and still it doesn't look "too much" at all but just right.

    I'd like to see Lili with a big, human-sized tooth. :3 I imagine she's a very tiny toothfairy so she can catch the teeth in stealth and go unnoticed. :3

    And awww, Tea! <3 She's so precious.

    1. Thanks so much x3 I didn't have any specific plans for her faceup (besides the colors I would use), but I'm still happy with the result!

      Oh Lili with a human-sized tooth, that'd be quite cool! I remember that I used to have a "tooth fairy book" when I was little and it had this pocket where you could store your teeth... Who would've known that one day I could use a couple of teeth as doll props, too bad that I don't have the book nor the teeth anymore X''D