December 8, 2014

Iple-Trouble, make it double

Sarg was staying over for the weekend and she also brought Shagrilah for a visit~ Shag's girlfriend/fiancée Zinnia was very happy that we got to take some photos of them! ♥ Even though these are "just dolls", it sometimes seems like they make different expressions (smile, sadness, etc.) and these two really looked like they were happy in each other's company ;___;

About a month ago I took some photos where Zin was outside in the snow, "waiting" for Shagrilah, so one shot like this was mandatory XD We didn't have that much snow now though.

And this ♥♥♥ Zin looks like she's asleep ;___;

Naughty!Zin... I don't even have to pose her that much for this kind of fabulous shots, she's a natural u3u The lighting wasn't so good when I took these, but I'm happy that I managed to save at least this one. Yay for Photoshop X'D

Besides doing doll stuff, we made cake pops, watched the traditional Independence Day Reception from TV (all the dresses were quite boring this year, blah!), sketched some characters (or Sarg did... I only colored XD) and played League of Legends... Though it was more like me playing and Sarg watching me play ^^; I've been addicted to that game recently, though apparently I suck at it big time...

Anyways, we're definitely in Iplehouse moooooood~ Eagerly waiting for our new dolls to arrive too >3< Hope there's no delay so they'll be hope later this week...


  1. beautiful photos as always!! and she finally got a date out of staying outside in the cold!!! they look amazing together ~

    On another note did you watch OUAT on sunday? I loved the episode so much! Lana Parrilla was perfect <3!!! (had to say something about it XD)

    1. Thanks so much <3

      I haven't watched the newest episode yet and I'm actually two episodes behind atm DD: But omg, Lana Parrilla is my fav actress in the series, I'm always looking forward to her scenes the most <3 I must try the latest two eps asap!! (So fun to be able to chat with someone about the series XD)

    2. hehe you are missing the 2 most amazing episodes of the season. I don't like this season so much, but I think the latest episodes make up for it xD
      And yesss I only have one of my friends hooked with the series, litterally hooked (She can't stop talking about Hook XD but I'm all Regina and Robin Hood atm. And Will Scarlett *u* He's so funny)

    3. Actually I just watched the both eps and omg! They were really awesome XD

      Hahah most people seem to be Hook fans XD He's nice, but I'm all for Regina and Robin Hood like you <333 Lmao it was such a fun scene in the latest ep when Will Scarlet was all YOU CAN'T BEAT ME to Hook and then got his ass kicked so easily XDD

    4. Hook is really handsome and I get why everyone love him but Regina is by far my favorite character! I loved Rumple the first season but I don't like much how they have evolved his story lately (I don't mind him being a villain, just I think he was more interesting before).
      Will gets so little time on screen but every time he's on is so much fun! Did you watch OUAT in wonderland? He was a big part of why I watched that show, I was sad it ended but I'm glad they bring Will to the main series, I hope he gets more screen time in 4B and explain what happened with the Red Queen, I'm dying to know!

    5. I agree with all you said! Regina is definitely my favorite too~ I was so excited about the "Operation Mongoose" and hope that the show will get back to that soon, I want Regina to finally get her happy ending >3<

      I've been meaning to watch the Wonderland too, but somehow I'm always too busy doing something else u3u There are so many interesting characters that I'd like to see...

    6. Yeah I hope we see more of operation Mongoose in 4B.
      I hope you find some time to watch wonderland as well. I thought it was very good, even if a lot of people didn't.

  2. Wonderful pics and a handsome&cute couple~ <3 Especially the last two photos are full of emotion! Makes me go awww~ :3

    I've never really been interested in getting Iplehouse dolls myself (might have to change that statement someday.. x3 ) but I sure love to look at pictures of them. Can't wait to see your new dollies! ^^

    1. Thanks so much <3 These two dolls make me and Sarg go awww all the time too XD

      I actually wasn't a big fan of Iplehouse dolls at first, but my doll taste slowly changed during the years for more realistic ones and now I just love their dolls~ I agree that even if some company's dolls are not for you, it's still lovely to see owner pictures of them and how different they can became with custom faceup and styling ^^

      The new Iples should be delivered today, if only Itella decides to co-operate ^^; There's been two people at home the whole morning, yet the tracking claims they've tried to deliver the package lol...