December 13, 2014

Iplehouse box opening~!

FINALLY we got our Iplehouse order home!
The postal system was being such a pain for once, since the tracking claimed they'd tried to deliver the package, even though there were two people stalking at home for the whole morning and no signs of the mailman X'D Well, the second time they tried to deliver it, Sarg had already left to work and when they called her she just said to take the package to the post office, even though she knew it would be a big and heavy one to carry (over 7 kilos)... But at least that way we managed to get the box out of their hands u_u

So, me and Sarg made this order in October and received the shipping notice exactly 2 months later :) Sarg ordered nYID Vampire Chris on EID woman body (in grey skin) and I ordered SID Mari on nYID body (in peach gold skin). These two are a couple (though there's also a "third wheel" in their relationship...), so it was great to be able to order them together ♥

Now let's go on to the pictures~


A huuuuge box XD 

nYID and EID boxes separately. We just discussed how pretty design that green box has compared to the brown one, but the cute design would look a lot better if it was another color, like pink...

The Iplehouse logo ♥


This is my Jade ♥♥♥ She looks so adorable even blank, I'm in love already~

Jade knows she didn't arrive alone... Time to move on to the second box :3

Terraaaaa ♥ It's fun that when you're sharing the hobby with someone, there are some dolls you could never imagine owning yourself, but still love deeply and see as a part of the family ; w ;

Her handsss

And hand comparison~

The girls side by side x3 They have a really nice height difference, Terra will always be taller even if Jade wears some high heels fufu~

Love is in the aiiiiiir~~ /shot

Comparison of the plates on their headcaps

Terra now has both Chris heads, the human and fantasy/vampire version >:3

Certificates and stuff

Here's Jade with her own eyes~ I was originally planning green, but I'm glad that I switched over to this color since it looks so pretty on her ♥ I didn't have her wig with me when I went to pick her up from Sarg's, but I'll introduce her officially later when she has a faceup and some clothes (I've only finished a skirt and panties...)

And here's Terra with her eyes and wig ♥ Jade and I both love her hahah XD

That's it for the box opening and photo spam XD Now we just need to get them both styled, do faceups and tattoos, etc. It's going to be a lot of work for both of us, but we'll be sharing some photos once they're done. I might post some WIP pictures as well, we'll see~

Welcome home both girls!! ♥♥♥


  1. Great arrival!! both sculpts are so gorgeous~ I love how well the grey skin and peach gold look together, they will look amazing once you are done with them. And please please post those wip pictures as well :D!!!
    Congrats to you and Sarqq *u*!!!

    On another note, do you have plans or would you be willing to do a banner of 200x65 px so I can link you? or you could just let me do one, since all the other blogs I have linked have buttons so it would look ugly with a text link at the end >.> and the way I arranged the blog now would look weird with text links +_+...... (and don't get me started with the rss blog feed.... which is non existent atm XD)

    1. Thank you!! ♥
      We're really happy with them both, and also the way they look together x3 I'll try to post some WIP pics, looks like people would be interested in seeing those~

      I love making graphics, but little banners/buttons are actually the one thing that I hate and suck making at XD I'm such a perfectionist that I never seem to get them to look just the way I want... But, if you'd like to add my blog to your link list and it's not too much trouble, I'd love a banner made by you ;___; The graphics you make are so beautiful~ I've gotten used to that link list thingie that I have, since it's so easy for me to follow my favorite blogs just by looking at the list and seeing new updates :3

    2. I'm terrible at making banners or headers!! but I made one for you and put it in my links athe the footer on my blog. It's not that great but I hope you like it :)

    3. Awwww I love it ;___; So pretty, thanks so much! ♥♥

    4. no prob, at least it's better than my own banner XD~!
      I'm glad you like it :)

  2. Ahhh, they are beautiful! <3 ;__; Jade is very adorable and her resin looks so smooth and soft~, and... hot damn that Terra. O3O It's not just Jade and you that love her. ;) (I can see where that third-wheel action is coming from ;'D)

    BTW, if you ever feel like sharing, I'd love to see "in process" pictures of your dolls that are not finished yet. :33

    1. Thank you~ Mari is one of those sculpts that I was a bit doubtful of... Like if she's "the one" for Jade's character and would I like her in person, etc. but luckily all of my doubts were pointless as I LOVE her ♥ And hahah yeah, Terra is just awesome, isn't she? XD

      I will try to share some "in process" pictures~ I love seeing other people post stuff like that, but I wasn't sure how other people feel and if anyone would be interested in seeing my WIP stuff, but all these encouraging comments warm my heart ♥

  3. Congrats on the new arrivals!

    They both look stunning. I love the eyes you chose for Jade. Such a beautiful colour and Terra's wig does look quite swish!

    I too would love to see WIP photos if you get the chance to post them up.

    1. Thanks so much! ^3^
      I'll try to post some WIP photos~ Since I mostly post photos on DeviantArt, I've gotten used to only taking photos of my dolls all finished, but it'll be fun to use this blog for some plan ramblings and WIP stuff as well :3

  4. Congrats! :D

    Both of them are stunning *o* I'm sure they're gonna be a lovely couple.

    1. Thanks ♥
      We're looking forward to taking pictures of them together~

  5. Nice opening! Can't wait to see them finished :) They already look so good together.

    1. Thank you~ Hopefully we'll have some free time soon, so that we can start working on them :)